Simplifying HPC System Software at Scale with Intel and SUSE – [Webinar]


The internet age has delivered new, constantly flowing data streams that challenges the scientific community to keep up with compute capabilities to crunch and analyze at web-scale. As data-sets continue to grow and the notion of data science expanding beyond just the science community into new and uncharted commercial territory – the industry has found innovative ways to create HPC capabilities that scale without adding additional complexity.

The traditional approach to customizing system architecture and hardware dependent on application and end-user requirements is great when time and resources are abundant – but the business and research group of today is consistently looking for a faster time-to-value. Providing an integrated and validated stack for HPC system software can reduce complexity without sacrificing performance at scale.

Community Driven Innovation

As active participants in the OpenHPC community, SUSE and Intel are able to implement community-driven innovation that promotes component interoperability, system stability, and high scalability. This results in a reduced requirement for both broad and deep expertise in HPC systems integration and enhances accessibility and availability of powerful solutions that are validated as a complete and scalable software stack.

OpenHPC includes components for scalable provisioning, enabling HPC systems to manage the software configuration on tens to thousands of compute nodes; system health monitoring, keeping track of the hardware and software health of the compute nodes; and workload management, enabling the effective and efficient use of the system’s compute resources via on-demand and batch workflows. Intel® HPC Orchestrator is a combination of components from OpenHPC with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that eases the path to exascale computing for businesses across a variety of industries.

Focus on Faster Results

Enable your team to focus on delivering faster results to more complex challenges with Intel® HPC Orchestrator. Manipulate massive data sets with an integrated hardware/software solution that’s powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC, the Linux that 97% of the fastest supercomputers in the world rely on.

Join this webinar for an overview of how this joint solution brings:

  • Fully integrated stack for a quicker time to innovation
  • Jointly supported so you can focus on what matters most
  • Incremental innovation in collaboration with the OpenHPC community

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