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Servent partners with SUSE to create new Linux-on-public cloud revenue streams


“The SUSE team really supported us during this critical period. I let our team know, ‘We’ve clearly got the weight and support of SUSE here, so we need to lean on that to really upscale and narrow that knowledge gap.’” Des McGuire, Founder and Azure Solutions Director, Servent.

Ever wondered how SUSE partners with MSP’s?

In the first of a new blog series, we’ll lift the lid on how we partner with a selection of leading MSPs and the work they do with SUSE. All three work in different sectors, with a diverse set of customers, covering all industries and use cases.

The first in this series focuses on Servent, a Glasgow based outfit that specializes in helping customers negotiate the complexities of migrating to the cloud. Specifically, founder Des McGuire and Azure project manager Andrew Norris, are experts in helping companies migrate their data centers to Azure Cloud.

Servent was one of the first MSPs to capitalize on a brand-new, and now booming market opportunity, helping companies migrate to and run large Linux operating systems on Azure.

As it defined its go to market plan Servent appointed SUSE as its strategic Linux partner, because of its deep alliance and technical integration with SAP, 100% open approach, and world-class support. The value that Servent brings customers through its work with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications is immediately apparent. SUSE allows Servent to deliver reduced risk from service outages, less time and effort for system maintenance, and faster services deployment on premises and in the cloud.

Creating New Markets

Servent became one of the first players to help customers in the energy and retail sectors run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to host SAP applications in their Azure deployments.

There are few Azure partners who demonstrate how to effectively run SAP and Linux on Azure. Partnering with SUSE, the team has taken this knowledge and created a completely new revenue stream – successfully capitalizing on a growing need for this expertise.

Servent is now looking to expand this capability. An ever-increasing cohort of organizations are preparing to migrate legacy SAP ERP systems onto SAP S/4HANA and Servent is in the perfect position to assist. The opportunity is huge. Companies using SAP systems are among the largest in the world. 76% of all transactions worldwide touch an SAP system, and 87% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are SAP customers.

Servent also has plans beyond SLES for SAP Applications as it looks to expand its SUSE portfolio. The centralized management capabilities of SUSE Manager provide an exciting array of possibilities for the team as it looks to target new markets.

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