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PartnerNet: cool tool but how do I get in?


This summer I guided several of our new partners through the PartnerNet registration process and could see that it is quite a hurdle to finish registration. Now I want to give you a short introduction to that process and make clear that it is a 2-step process.

First: go to PartnerNet and click on „Join PartnerNet“ on the upper right. Now you can see a black login screen where you can create a new general Novell Login account. This is a basic profile account that you can use for PartnerNet, the web site and other SUSE or Novell tools like bugzilla. If you have already a Novell account you can use that here and login with that one.

The most confusing thing for our partners seems to be that once you have created this login, it is a personal login. You have not yet registered your company in PartnerNet.

Second: you have to continue the process and fill in company information, accept terms & conditions and finally submit to finish registration. This process can be (re)started from here as well .

The PartnerNet HelpDesk will approve your registration as soon as possible.

A detailed „How-To-Join“ description with screenshots is also available for your convenience and of course the PartnerNet HelpDesk is always willing to assist with any issue.


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