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Reinforcing Open Source Security with SUSE and the new IBM z16


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If the last two years have taught us anything, they’ve taught CIOs how to be resilient.  Resiliency comes in the form of being agile, adaptable, and the right security.  And the ability to thrive in unforeseen circumstances.

As CIOs dive deeper into resiliency, they must also answer these questions:

  • Are my systems secure?
  • Am I able to support and manage a hybrid cloud environment?
  • Can I quickly adapt to new technologies to be competitive?

Fortunately, if you are running SUSE Software Solutions in your environment the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

SUSE Software Solutions runs on a variety of hardware, including the new IBM z16  As a proud IBM Business Partner, we believe that the latest IBM z16 and the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server  provides the perfect combination of security and future-proofing.

“The new IBM z16 is a quantum-safe system using lattice-based cryptography, which offers on-chip AI inferencing at scale, and provides a scalable, reliable, security-rich infrastructure for hybrid cloud. ” said Kara Todd, Director of Linux, IBM zSystems and LinuxONE. “It’s great to see SUSE’s continued support and exploitation of the strengths of the IBM zSystems platform.”

Let’s take a closer look.

Security at the Core

The new IBM z16 platform proactively protects your business against current and future threats.  But that is at the hardware layer.  Is your software undermining or supporting your hardware?

SUSE Linux Enterprise is secure by design.  Starting with our world-class Secure Software Supply Chain, SUSE Linux Enterprise Solutions have security built in.  It is the only Linux OS to achieve the highest level of security and cryptographic certification. And, our “certify once, use many” approach means that the SLE market-leading security posture is inherited by all its derivatives, including SLE Micro and SLE BCI (Base Container Images).  These certifications matter.  This level of security ensures that platforms adhere to criteria and standards set forth by governments and regulated industries.

With quantum-safe cryptography supported on IBM z16 combined with the market-leading security of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you can check security off your worry list.

The Future is Hybrid

Not everything can be moved to the cloud.  That’s why IBM built  the z16 platform to accelerate modernization.  That is, you can easily integrate it into your hybrid cloud environment.  But what about your software?  Don’t you want a common code base for your software so your admins are not running one solution on premises and something different in the cloud?

Fortunately, we have you covered.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is an adaptable OS and our “common code base” platform bridges traditional and software-defined infrastructure.  SUSE simplifies workload migration, protects your traditional infrastructure, and eases the adoption of containers – regardless of where your workloads are running.

The combination of IBM z16 with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server means that you can seamlessly transition when, where and how you need.

Future Proofing by Design

It seems like AI is prevalent everywhere – from retail stores to machine floors. That is why the IBM z16’s new on-chip Integrated Accelerator for AI supports insights at speed and scale to accelerate decision velocity across the business.

SUSE knows that as enterprises find more ways to put AI to work, the need for the right infrastructure grows. In addition to the right hardware, these enterprises need a strong Linux platform to speed up AI applications as they turn high volumes of data into business value. That is, we design SUSE Linux Enterprise Server so enterprises can continually align data as AI/ML apps become smarter and more sophisticated  to solve critical problems.  This is how businesses get a competitive edge.

SUSE is excited about the launch of this new IBM z16.  We know running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the new IBM z16 can be key to helping CIOs be resilient.

Learn More!

We invite you to learn more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Solutions here and the new IBM z16 here.


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