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Why Open Source is key to Software-Defined-Infrastructure


IDC defines Software-Defined-Infrastructure as the concept to build and run an open and agile IT infrastructure environment in an automated manner. It is key to this concept that virtualized workloads can be automated, configured, consumed, migrated, scaled, and replicated independent of the underlying infrastructure (server, storage, and network).

Very important is that the transformation to Software-Defined-Infrastructure is an evolution in which virtualization of servers storage and networks is an important first step. Data centers have been built with Open Source solutions for the two decades and therefore are and will be an integral part of the majority of current and future SDI implementations.

In a recent research paper, IDC states that 85 percent of the surveyed enterprises consider Open Source to be the realistic or preferred solution on their way to migrate to Software-Defined-Infrastructure. In addition, IDC recommends to avoid vendor lock-in by deploying Open Source solutions.

Read IDC’s recommendations and how SUSE can help with this migration:


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