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New Years Resolution…? Become a SUSE Expert!!


2017, still fresh and new! Happy New Year, best wishes and new years resolutions go hand in hand. Yes, you can obviously choose one of the standard (and often boring) resolutions. But, wouldn’t it be so much more fun, beneficial and productive to just take it up one notch and set your goal to become a SUSE Expert?!

SUSE has put together an amazing event: the SUSE Expert Days. Held in a ton of cities across the globe SUSE offers you the opportunity to drop by and learn from SUSE Experts. These one-day roadshows in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific are fully packed with interesting information about the current challenges within IT environments. During the SUSE Expert Days we’d like to teach you how SUSE ‘s open source solutions enable you and your business to define your digital future!

You’ll learn during the day:

  • Digital Transformation
    All you need for your specific environment: innovative SUSE technologies that help to meet challenges, truly Open with no vendor lock-in, flexible and hardened for the enterprise to deliver the RAS that you’d need.
  • Software-defined Infrastructure
    How to Reduce costs, Maintain control of infrastructure and Improve IT efficiency! Our Experts teach you how to Transform your data center with a software-defined infrastructure using SUSE OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Ceph and Cloud Foundry
  • DevOps
    Deliver new services faster, increase responsiveness with better quality! By adopting a DevOps model using SUSE solutions you can redefine how to bring new services to market!

Check out when the SUSE Expert Days are in a City Near you so that you can become the SUSE Expert!



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