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New Year Goals


I may be a little late in wishing you a very Happy New Year, but Happy New Year nonetheless! In many parts of the world, January is traditionally a time for abstinence, giving things up and starting new, healthy habits through New Year’s resolutions.

New Year, New You

Personally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – I’m by no means the healthiest or fittest person out there, but I don’t like to apply additional pressure on myself in one of the toughest and bleakest (at least here in England) months of the year to eat, drink or spend less, run more, be healthier, and so forth. I try (and sometimes even succeed) to enjoy all, or at least some things in moderation.

New Year, New Summit

If you are thinking about resolutions, then maybe you might want to think about making a resolution to attend the all-new Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver in May. Previously known as the OpenStack Summit, this expanded event now focuses not just on OpenStack (although this will of course be a large part of it), but also on other tools that can be used to build open infrastructure. Projects like Zuul, StarlingX, OPNFV, Kubernetes, Docker and more.

New Year, New Presentations?

If you have attended the OpenStack Summits in the past, you’ll know that as well as a place for networking and picking up swag from booths, they’ve been a place for learning, collaborating and sharing ideas. The Open Infrastructure Summit won’t be any different, it’ll just feature a broader mix of technologies that people will be discussing.

Another New Year’s resolution that you might think about making is to submit a proposal for a presentation at the Open Infrastructure Summit. Share your passions, your area of expertise and your skills with other attendees. With delegates arriving from all over the globe, this is a great chance to show leadership and help others to learn from your experience. Don’t delay though, the call for presentations is only open until January 23rd.

New Year, New Skills

If you’re planning on attending the Denver Open Infrastructure Summit, there will be lots of chances to learn new skills – many sessions are tutorials or hands-on labs, and SUSE will be offering free OpenStack training to attendees again. These free training sessions from Ron Terry, the Oracle of OpenStack™, do fill up very quickly, so you’ll have to book a spot on them well in advance to ensure your place – don’t just hope to turn up on the day and squeeze in at the back!

Are there sessions that you’d like to see at the Open Infrastructure Summit that you’ve not seen at the previous OpenStack Summits? Tweet me to share your ideas, and who knows, maybe there’s an expert on the topic that you’re interested in that would be willing to submit a proposal for a session in Denver. Either way, I hope to see you in Denver for networking, swag and more!


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