New SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist Program


New SUSE Deployment Certification Program

SUSE Technical Training team introduced the new SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS) program in February 2022. It provides certification for those specialists who are involved in product deployment and complements the existing SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) and SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) certification that are focused on the administration and usage of SUSE products.

The First Two Deployment Exams

1. SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS) in SUSE Manager

Designed for those Infrastructure Architects, Senior Linux Administrators, and Consultants responsible for the deployment and configuration of the various architectural components of a SUSE Manager version 4.x system. This certification demonstrates knowledge of the installation and post-installation configuration process, for SUSE Manager Servers and SUSE Manager Proxy Servers. Attaining this certification also demonstrates a detailed understanding of the various methods that can be used to on-board target servers as managed Salt Minions; as well as understanding how to provide a well-managed and controlled approach, to system patching and system updating.

2. SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS) in SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions

Designed for DevOps and Deployment Engineers and System Administrators. This certification demonstrates knowledge of how to deploy Kubernetes clusters with RKE, RKE2 and K3S, both from the command line and from SUSE Rancher. This certification also demonstrates knowledge of how to deploy SUSE Rancher on Kubernetes. In addition, it includes an understanding of backing up and restoring RKE and RKE2 clusters from the command line and backing up RKE with SUSE Rancher.

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