New chapter begins in the IBM and SUSE story


I am thrilled that this week we released SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2.  It’s a big step forward for us at SUSE. This is the first major product update since we started operating as an independent business unit within The Attachmate Group. It’s also a good indication of our commitment to the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform. As you can see, the acquisition didn’t interrupt development at all.  Quite the opposite; it means we can now focus 100% on the products and innovations that matter most to our SUSE customers.

SP2 is packed with new features and capabilities that I hope you’ll take the time to explore (after you read this post, of course). SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 is the first release built using a new forward-looking development model that combines modern Linux kernels, consistent libraries and interfaces with a unique, forward-porting approach.  It means you gain faster access to open source innovation, and the ability to use the latest hardware, without losing enterprise quality and application compatibility.  Truly a win-win. 

One area that’s been significantly enhanced is virtualization. In addition to new support for Linux Containers, SP2 includes updated Xen and KVM open source hypervisors.  Both SUSE and IBM have worked together to provide cross-platform support and choice for customers with mixed IT environments. We’re proud of the leadership and support we’ve demonstrated for KVM and Xen. Since 2010, SUSE Linux Enterprise has provided commercial support for KVM. Today, our collaboration with the Linux community and our strong partnerships enable SUSE and IBM to deliver an open standards-based solution for one of today’s most requested features – KVM support for Windows guests.

SP2 is a particularly important release for IBM customers because it adds terrific performance-enhancing and power-saving capabilities. This will help IBM  customers take full advantage of the native resiliency of IBM Systems servers and get even more benefit from server virtualization.

This is one more chapter in the 20-year partnership between SUSE and IBM. Our shared belief that open standards and open source software are absolutely critical to the future of IT is reflected in the latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.  Take it for a test drive and see for yourself how well it performs.



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