My Kind of Open: SUSECON 2019 Gets Flexible


SUSECON 2019 is all about open done your way and why wouldn’t it be? We’re the “open” open source company after all!  In today’s business environment, every company is a digital company. IT infrastructure needs to not only keep pace but also move fast enough to accommodate strategic business and technology initiatives. At SUSECON 2019, you’ll see how our open, open source approach helps ourcustomers and partners transform IT, delivering increased agility and faster innovation, done their way.  We’ll explore digital transformation that enables customers and partners in a way that suits them and one way we will be exploring this is by focusing on foundation and flexibility. Here’s a look at a few sessions that will really hone in on these areas.

5 Ways Companies Are Using SUSE High Performance Computing in AI, Machine Learning and Analytics [BOV1043]

This session will go through five examples of how SUSE HPC solutions are being used across different industries for powering AI and machine learning applications. Advanced analytics applications using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning and cognitive computing or learning are increasingly being used in the intelligence community, engineering, and cognitive computing industries. The need to analyze massive amount of data and transaction-intensive workloads are driving the use of HPC into the business arena and making these tools main stream for a variety of industries. Commercial users are getting into high performance applications for fraud detection, personalized medicine, manufacturing, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and many other areas. And because of these more data-intensive workloads, commercial users all need an HPC-based infrastructure to run these AI, ML and cognitive computing applications effectively.


Jeff Reser, Product & Solutions Marketing, SUSE

Kay Tate, ISV Programs Manager

Session Type: Business Overview

Topics: Machine Learning

Technical Level: Business Level Overview


Secure by default – anti-exploit techniques and hardenings in SUSE products [TUT1046]

Security is more important then ever. That’s why we at SUSE enable anti-exploit techniques and hardenings in our products. This talk explains to you the basic of technologies like – Stack cannaries – Fortify source – Address space layout randomization – NX and shows you how they protect your infrastructure from attackers.


Johannes Segitz, SUSE

Marcus Meissner, SUSE

Session Type: Technical Tutorial

Topics: Security & Compliance

Technical Level: Technical Intermediate


SUSE Best Practices: Sharing Expertise, Experience and Knowledge for Solution-based Documentation [BOV1058]

A lot of *hidden* IT experience exists in the ecosystem of nearly any enterprise. This is also the case for SUSE, no matter which product or technology you are looking at. For every product or solution, there are subject matter experts that have profound know-how and skills. Often it is partly documented via scripts, or in form of emails, or simple write-ups. But this kind of information is usually not publicly accessible. The purpose of the SUSE Best Practices is to change the situation. Our goal is to make existing knowledge and experience available to a broader audience. This new series of documentation, in contrast to the SUSE product documentation which mainly guides through SUSE product installation and usage, delivers a series of topic-driven documentation and provides installation and implementation *experiences*. And YOU can contribute, too! Share your experience and knowledge in the true spirit of *Open Source*. You don’t have to be a “skilled writer”, you don’t need to have knowledge in “complex tools”. We will also give an overview on *how to* contribute for example via AsciiDoc. Join the session and learn more.


Meike Chabowski, SUSE

Session Type: Business Overview

Topics: Enterprise Linux

Technical Level: Business Level Overview


Add these to your list of can’t miss sessions and register today!  Follow me @JeffReserNC  for updates and the latest news in big systems and HPC!

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