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Making the Selection


Do More Than Simply Survive in This Era of Exploding Data


You’ve likely read or heard a lot about today’s data explosion and how it’s affecting enterprises. After combing through all the overexcited rhetoric about how quickly data is multiplying or how many petabytes you’ll soon have to handle, one thing remains clear: You need to find a new way to store and manage your data or you’ll get left behind.

While that mandate puts pressure on your organization to act quickly, it’s also the catalyst to a whole new world of exciting opportunities. More data can mean deeper, more accurate insights into your operations and customer needs, which empowers you to streamline processes and personalize experiences like never before. More data can also lead to greater innovation and new sources of revenue.

It all relies on being able to manage your massive volumes of data efficiently and cost-effectively—and that means you need software-defined storage (SDS).


SDS: Today’s Standard for Skyrocketing Storage Needs

SDS offers all the storage services you need, whether block, file or object, running as software on whatever industry-standard hardware you prefer. It makes data storage simple, flexible, cost-efficient and massively scalable.

Combine those benefits with high availability and performance, and it’s easy to see why IDC has predicted that the worldwide SDS market will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5 percent between 2017 and 2021.[1]

Why SUSE Is the Best Choice for Your SDS Solution Today …

Not all SDS solutions are the same. Even among open source SDS, you’ll find variety among distributions. At SUSE, we’re committed to providing tried-and-tested solutions. That’s why we’ve based SUSE® Enterprise Storage on Ceph, today’s most popular open source SDS solution.

SUSE Enterprise Storage enables unlimited scalability from terabytes to petabytes and beyond. It’s designed to keep your system resilient and your applications highly available in the event of hardware failures.

Thanks to Ceph, the solution is also self-managing and self-healing, which means it automatically keeps your system at optimal performance without the need for someone to monitor and manage storage administration. It also enables IT to easily provision and seamlessly deliver additional storage without disruption. By automating these capabilities, the solution has allowed some system administrators to singlehandedly manage up to 3–4 PB of data, six times more than an administrator in an equivalent block-storage environment.

In addition to low maintenance and acquisition costs, SUSE Enterprise Storage’s pricing model makes the solution attractively cost-effective. You pay per server node instead of per gigabyte, so you don’t get charged for adding more data or using larger drives. These factors all lead to a lowest-in-class total cost of ownership for SUSE Enterprise Storage. A recent study of eight leading backup solutions showed the SUSE solution at less than half the cost of Red Hat Ceph Storage for an equivalent configuration—and 20 percent less than the least expensive alternative.

… And Tomorrow

In addition to delivering ultimate scalability, ease of management and a low total cost of ownership, SUSE Enterprise Storage also sets you up for future business growth and success. SUSE is an established, dependable industry leader in SDS solutions; in fact, we’re an active participant in the Ceph development community and were the first supplier to make Ceph-based storage available on virtually any operating system. And we’re deeply invested in continuous improvement of SUSE Enterprise Storage as SDS technology evolves to make the solution faster, easier and more manageable through the years.

SUSE gives you the advanced features and capabilities of the open source Ceph SDS technology, combined with the robust enterprise support and technical expertise of a longtime leader. Regardless of where and how you store your data, SUSE Enterprise Storage is the SDS solution that will help your organization survive—and thrive—in the midst of the ongoing data explosion.

[1] “IDC Forecasts Software-Defined Storage Solutions to Generate Worldwide Revenues of Nearly $16.2 Billion in 2021,” IDC press release, October 4, 2017.

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