Machinery 1.5 with System z and Power Support, Red Hat Inspection Fixes, Skipping Files


Alfred complained to the machinery team that he could not run machinery on System z and Power systems and run into a few issues with the Red Hat inspection.

The machinery team has now released for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 an update of the “Advanced Systems Management” module and made the module available for all SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 architectures – for x86-64, Power and System z. It includes the current 1.5 version of machinery.

The inspection functionality has been improved in the following areas: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is now a supported target for inspection. Also, “–skip-files” is a new option to the “inspect” command and it allows to skip files in the unmanaged files inspector, for example in case of large directories that you do not wish to see inspected and copied.

Note that the format of the systems description has been updated to version 3. Don’t forget to run “machinery upgrade-format” on your older system descriptions to convert them.

For more details, see the announcement of the new release.

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