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Congratulations! You’re Moving to a Private Cloud Infrastructure!


You’Navigating to Private Cloud Infrastructureve done it! After doing your homework, you’ve decided to move your business to a private cloud and you’ve made the smart choice by choosing SUSE OpenStack Cloud. You’re now on your way to “soaring with private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.” And the recent release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 gets you closer to delivering the production-ready private cloud you need than ever before.

Clear Skies Ahead?

So everything’s great and you are going to be the superhero from IT!  Or are you?

451 Research states that “There is tremendous demand for people with software-defined infrastructure expertise and experience.” Even worse, a study by McKinsey that states that “50% of IT projects fail to deliver the expected value.”  Yikes!

So with all this data showing that that the skill shortage to implement OpenStack is real, you need a plan to navigate to clear skies.  One that will not take up your team’s current time and resources, but will ensure that your private cloud infrastructure becomes a reality.  Who can you trust as you start to transform your infrastructure?

You’ve made the right choice with SUSE OpenStack Cloud but did you also know that the SUSE Services team has been trusted for over 25 years by companies just like yours? Whether you are looking for short term implementation to jumpstart your software-defined infrastructure or our newly released 12-month SUSE Select Services offering, your SUSE Services team will help get your SUSE OpenStack Cloud environment up and running in record time. So you can reap the benefits of a private cloud infrastructure that your business needs.

It’s All About the People You Trust!

Your business success depends on people; people with the right talent at the right time. But, most importantly, your business depends on the people you trust. After all, leveraging the wrong people can set you back. SUSE Services works with hundreds of companies just like yours to help guide them through their IT transformation journey.

Companies in every industry trust SUSE Services teams to facilitate all aspects of IT transformation.  Our best-in-class teams will:
Evaluate your existing processes and infrastructure to develop a plan to help you reach your desired outcomes, while maintaining security, minimizing downtime and avoiding business disruption
Leverage our broad knowledge of best practices to get the best solution for your business and solve your complex business challenges
Work hand-in-hand with your team facilitating relationships and ensuring knowledge transfer to address any skills gaps

Our teams focus on your success and strive to develop long and trusted relationships with you. After all as Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Add SUSE Services to your team and let’s do great things together!



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