Cloud is on the Move: What's Driving Private Cloud Adoption?


I’ve worked in technology marketing for some time. I’d like to say how long but honestly it’s only going to date me and no one likes to talk about age!

I think the one thing that is really fascinating is the move towards cloud.  10 years ago we would not have been considering this new technology – particularly an Openstack version that didn’t even exist that long ago.  In fact it was only in 2010 as a joint project between Rackspace Hosting and NASA that the project* was even developed. Now open source technology and Openstack is very much a fundamental part of mainstream enterprise computing environments.  Recent independent research by SUSE found that around 90% of large companies have now implemented a private cloud and that 81% are using or plan to use OpenStack

So what’s driving private cloud adoption?


A document written by Mark Smith, SUSE’s expert on the cloud, outlines 5 business reasons that companies are making the move and enjoying the benefits of private cloud… costs savings and agility are but two of these benefits. I’ll leave you to read the rest.

So why is Openstack such a remarkable choice for your private cloud solution?

Most of us have technology solutions that have grown up over a few decades at least, unless you are a new technology that has been born of this age like Netflix.  Most systems are therefore a jumble of different technologies, infrastructures and platforms.  It’s also something that you’ve heavily invested in, so moving directly to a brand new datacenter is just not economically viable.  So you’re stuck in the drive to be more competitive and for IT to provide increased agility, whilst keeping costs low by utilizing your existing systems.

So why does Openstack offer you a good choice for Private cloud?  Mainly because being non-proprietary, it’s designed to work with a variety of hypervisors, to utilize existing hardware and software, which in turn makes it easier for you to transform your existing datacenter and maximize your investment in your existing technology.    Plus being open source it gives you choice and flexibility.

As you and I have already seen from the past few decades, the challenges of IT are not going away and the demands just become stronger.  So I’d recommend that you consider reading the article on why Openstack should be on your shortlist.  It might help you in choosing your private cloud solution.


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