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Can you keep up with newest technologies?


Everybody knows and sees that the world around us is rapidly changing but within IT change is a constant factor. You could try keeping up by reading different kinds of websites and blogs like this one but still you could miss out on some of the coolest new developments like for example containers and micro services.

Now I travel a lot to different countries and talk to numerous of international companies and I’ve noticed a change recently…. The people that I think are the best in what they do, spent a lot of time in getting technical certifications, work at these international companies and are responsible for the five nines behind the comma no longer seem to be completely up-to-date. Do not get me wrong…. I fully understand that constantly being completely up-to-speed on every latest and greatest new technology is wishful thinking but I do think that a lot of people around them expect them to be.

This is were SUSE can help you and I would love to welcome you in one of our scheduled SUSE Expert Days in a city nearby. SUSE will not only share our vision on what a future data center should look like but we even have live demos of some of the latest and greatest cool technologies like containers.

So make sure you can live up to the expectation of the people around you and register today (before someone else does ;-))



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