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The Bridge to Cloud-Native at AWS re:Invent


With over 40,000 expected attendees at AWS re:invent 2017; there’s no better place to be this week to talk about bridging the gap from legacy IT to cloud-native; a bridge you can build on AWS; and run on SUSE.

The cloud-native landscape is full of fast-moving projects that rethink how we deliver architecture and services. SUSE, by working with industry-leading ISVs, fast-moving start-ups, and our customer and partner ecosystem is helping capture that magic and make it reliable, secure, and supported for the enterprise.

Cloud-Native + Open Source

When it comes to containers, SUSE has a lot of experience helping customers move to the next phase of IT. Since 2015 we’ve been enabling you to deploy containerized workloads on AWS leveraging AWS EC2 Container Service. Now you’ll find exciting solutions leveraging the latest from Kubernetes to enable hybrid IT – evidence that we’re not just  Gold sponsors of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to get our logo on the site!

Our SUSE Linux Enterprise Server available on AWS even has a number of really cool tools available inits er.. in it’s distribution including a public cloud module which enable you to build and deliver with continuous integration in mind. New additions such as SUSE ‘IPA’ facilitate and simplify automated testing in the public cloud, with the ability to also integrate it with openQA and even AWS lambda.

Talk to our enterprise linux and public cloud architect team to see how you can transform the legacy; while also helping you establish and own the new.

Transitioning to SAP HANA and S/4HANA on AWS

The past year has been incredibly exciting as we’ve worked with customers and partners in their journey towards modernizing the SAP landscape and shifting or building environments on AWS. The results of these learning have lead to deep technical collaboration with Amazon Web Services and even a new, enhanced customer experience support experience and lowered price-points to facilitate customers adopting on-demand economics and pricing models as part of their transformation.

We’ve had a lot of great wins this year; and seen some impressive transformations take place such as with Zappos, Pacific Drilling, and Fitch Ratings to name a few. We’re eager to share what we’ve learned and talk more about how we’re helping fast-moving enterprise companies Run Simple on AWS. Be sure to come find us (Booth 540) next to SAP (Booth 541) and across the aisle from our great friends at Protera, experts in migrating customers’ SAP environment to AWS, at Booth 840.

This year, in the registration line waiting for my badge I even overheard two folks from a major manufacturing company (their first re:Invent!) talking about their moving SAP to the hyper-scale cloud. At re:Invent; you will find this is a going to be a hot topic; with many sessions dedicated towards business as well as the deeper dives. Just search the re:Invent app for “SAP” and hope it’s not fully reserved already!

Meet our Product and Engineering Team

Our product and public cloud architect teams work hard to deliver reliable open source solutions that can greatly enhance your agility. From delivering updates and releases like SUSE Manager 3.0 on AWS, to new SUSE solutions such as CaaS and Cloud Application Platform, to the roadmaps we shared at SUSECON, and even the way deliver SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on AWS you’ll find the tools you need to build that bridge.

Container-as-a-Service Platform V2 with the Latest Kubernetes Greatness

Ensuring our customers can access the newest SUSE solutions on AWS is part of a cloud-focused product strategy. Learn how SUSE CaaS can be run using a bring-your-own-subscription model and enables you to manage and orchestrate containerized workloads in a hybrid environment for the utmost flexibility. To find out more details about SUSE CaaS Platform 2 you can check out:

We could keep going with this wall of text – but it’ll be more fun when you swing by our booth 541 this week to learn more! You may win an Amazon Echo Show or some SUSE Superfeet insoles to help you get through the week.


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