Public Beta Program Code of Conduct


The SUSE Beta Program is made public to welcome and encourage participation by everyone, so our SUSE Beta community is made strong by mutual respect, collaboration, and constructive interaction. At SUSE we value these key behaviors in all who want to collaborate with us and on our products, so we expect everyone involved to follow this code of conduct. This is not a legal document or an official enforcement of principles.

In general you should:

  • Be respectful and considerate:
    • Disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior or bad manners.
    • Respect other people: no discrimination based on region, race, gender, disability, religion, physical appearance, or other abuse will be tolerated.
  • Be patient:
    • Folks might not be around or they might be working when you ask a question! Please wait a while for someone to speak. If you still don’t get your answer, ask again politely. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but that’s no excuse for bad manners.
  • Assume people mean well:
    • Remember that decisions are often a difficult choice between competing priorities. If you disagree, please do so politely.
    • If something seems outrageous, check that you did not misinterpret the response. Ask for clarification, but do not assume the worst.
  • Try to be concise and be careful in the words that you choose:
    • Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.
    • Avoid repeating what has been said already. It could make a conversation longer and more difficult to follow, and people often feel personally attacked if they receive multiple messages telling them the same thing.
  • Avoid spam, flame wars, trolling, insults, personal attacks, harassment, and repetitive arguments.

Action upon Inappropriate Behavior

The SUSE Beta Program admins ( do not enjoy disciplining others, but if inappropriate behavior consisting of a lack of respectful, constructive, and non-abusive interaction occurs, we will:

  • Send a “public” reminder that the behavior is inappropriate according to our SUSE Beta Program Code of Conduct.
  • Send a private message, warning the user that any additional abuse will result in removal from the SUSE Beta Program.
  • Depending on the violation, consider account banning from the SUSE Beta Program.

If you have questions, please take a look at the FAQ. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, feel free to contact us (