Recommended update for cloud-regionsrv-client

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for cloud-regionsrv-client
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2019:0486-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1029162 #1058616 #1072973 #1086356 #1093688 #1114985 #1120980
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12

An update that has 7 recommended fixes can now be installed.


This update for cloud-regionsrv-client fixes the following issues:
Update to version 8.1.3:

  • Fix file permissions for generated credentials rw root only
  • Generate instance data as string as expected by zypper plugin handling
  • Write the proper credentials file when switching back to RIS service
  • Support registration against RMT
  • Implement URL resolver to facilitate instance verification for zypper access
  • Fixes related to bsc#1120980 also need server side support
  • IPv6 support
  • Fix handling of older cached SMT objects loaded from cached file
  • Fix variable name issue in plugin to avoid always falling back to the wire server in the exception handling block. Found and fixed by jmason
  • Azure plugin, use proper URL to get region information from metadata server
  • systemd order, only start after the network is online
  • systemd order start before GCE user scripts are executed
  • Update to version 7.0.7 (bsc#1058616, 1058719)

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Public-Cloud-12-2019-486=1

Package List:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12 (noarch):
    • cloud-regionsrv-client-8.1.3-52.10.1
    • cloud-regionsrv-client-generic-config-1.0.0-52.10.1
    • cloud-regionsrv-client-plugin-azure-1.0.1-52.10.1
    • cloud-regionsrv-client-plugin-ec2-1.0.0-52.10.1
    • cloud-regionsrv-client-plugin-gce-1.0.0-52.10.1
    • python-dnspython-1.12.0-9.5.1
    • python3-dnspython-1.12.0-9.5.1