Recommended update for sapconf

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for sapconf
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2018:1131-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1026862 #1031073 #1032516 #1048550 #1064720 #1070386 #1070390 #1070494 #1070495 #1070496 #1070503 #1070506 #1070508 #1071539 #1087455
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP3

  • An update that has 15 recommended fixes can now be installed.


    This update for sapconf provides the following fixes:

    - Refactoring sapconf parameter settings together with SAP Linux Lab.
    (fate#324491) ATTENTION: One main feature of this sapconf package update
    is a consolidation of all sapconf configuration settings into the
    central /etc/sysconfig/sapconf configuration file (except those settings
    related to ASE or BOBJ and those settings which can only be set via
    tuned.conf). This will result in a lot of configuration file changes
    concerning the following files:
    * /etc/sysconfig/sapconf
    * /etc/sysconfig/sapnote-1557506
    * /usr/lib/tuned/sap-netweaver/tuned.conf
    * /usr/lib/tuned/sap-hana/tuned.conf. This means that your system
    configuration will be changed after a restart of tuned or during a
    system reboot. Please read carefully the following information about
    configuration file handling before restarting tuned or rebooting the
    system. (bsc#1070508)

    - The configuration file handling during the package installation has
    changed (bsc#1070496, bsc#1070508):
    * During an initial package installation the new sysconfig file, which
    includes the pagecache values from the former file sapnote-1557506 are
    copied to /etc/sysconfig/sapconf and the changes will take effect
    immediately after the package installation.
    * During a package update, previously created /etc/sysconfig files will
    exist. The file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf is saved to
    /etc/sysconfig/sapconf.rpmsave and the new sysconfig file is copied to
    * If the pagecache handling is enabled in the file
    /etc/sysconfig/sapnote-1557506, the values from this file are copied
    to /etc/sysconfig/sapconf and the obsolete file
    /etc/sysconfig/sapnote-1557506 is removed. The changes will take
    effect immediately after the package installation.
    * If the file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf.rpmsave exists and contains system
    specific modifications, please check after the package installation
    and merge these changes manually into /etc/sysconfig/sapconf.
    * Remove the file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf.rpmsave before you restart the
    sapconf service to get the changes take effect.

    - Add a systemd unit file sapconf.service to start tuned, uuidd.socket and
    sysstat during system boot and after initial package installation and to
    restart tuned during package update so that the changes will take effect
    immediately. (fate#325471, bsc#1087455)

    - Check if pagecache limit is available at the system and if yes, set
    pagecache limit according to the settings in /etc/sysconfig/sapconf. If
    not, write a message to the log file. (bsc#1071539, fate#323778)

    - Use the same tuning values for HANA and Netweaver workloads. That means
    the use of the same tuned.conf and file for both profiles
    (sap-hana and sap-netweaver). This should lead to a better base for
    mixed HANA and ABAB workloads on one system. (bsc#1070508)

    - The pagecache configuration is now integrated in the general sapconf
    sysconfig file and the old sysconfig file sapnote-1557506 is obsolete.
    As before pagecache handling is disabled by default.

    - The following parameters are additionally specified (instead of static
    tuning inside the tuning script or defined in other configuration files
    like tuned.conf or sapnote-1557506) or changed in the central
    configuration file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf (bsc#1070494, bsc#1070495,
    bsc#1070496, bsc#1070508):
    * vm.max_map_count, vm.dirty_bytes, vm.dirty_background_bytes,
    kernel.shmmni, net.ipv4.tcp_slow_start_after_idle, ksm,
    transparent_hugepages, numa_balancing: parameters added and value
    * vm.pagecache_limit_ignore_dirty, vm.pagecache_limit_mb: parameters
    added and commented out
    * kernel.shmall, kernel.shmmax, kernel.sem: parameters changed. But keep
    in mind: higher system value will ever remain unchanged. sapconf will
    respect higher values set by the system or by the administrator using
    sysctl configuration files. Values set with sysctl command will
    respect too, but they will not survive a system reboot. Every tuning
    action is logged to /var/log/sapconf.log

    - The following parameters were specified in tuned.conf of profile
    sap-hana and/or sap-netweaver before but were removed from tuned.conf
    because they are redundant, not mentioned in any SAP Note, replaced by
    another parameter, moved to another configuration file or commented out,
    or because they are only valid for a special architecture or special
    tasks (like the [cpu] part was only valid for Intel architecture and
    only performance related):
    * vm.swappiness, kernel.sched_min_granularity_ns,
    kernel.sched_wakeup_granularity_ns, readahead: parameters removed.
    * [cpu] section with governor, energy_perf_bias, min_perf_pct:
    parameters commented out.
    * vm.dirty_ratio, vm.dirty_background_ratio: parameters removed from
    tuned.conf, replaced by vm.dirty_bytes, vm.dirty_background_bytes
    defined in sysconfig/sapconf.
    * kernel.sem, net.ipv4.tcp_slow_start_after_idle, transparent_hugepages:
    parameters moved to sysconfig/sapconf. ATTENTION: these changes will
    take effect immediately after restarting tuned. Unless the
    administrator is using a custom copy of the tuned.conf file in
    /etc/tuned/ (where may be sap-hana or
    sap-netweaver) to set own or changed values, the tuned.conf files in
    /etc/tuned/ remain untouched during package installation. To
    get the new behavior SAP recommends, remove the profile copy from
    /etc/tuned or copy the new tuned.conf file from
    /usr/lib/tuned/ to /etc/tuned/ or compare the files
    in /etc/tuned/ with the files in /usr/lib/tuned/
    manually and adjust the content, if needed. (bsc#1070494, bsc#1070495,
    bsc#1070496, bsc#1070503, bsc#1048550, bsc#1064720)

    - Setting of UserTasksMax, a parameter of the systemd login manager, will
    be done in the post script during the package installation. The value is
    set to 'infinity'. NOTE: A reboot is needed after the first setup to get
    the changes to take effect. A message will indicate if a reboot is
    necessary. As before there is no automatic rollback. (bsc#1070386)

    - Enable and start sysstat service during post script of the package
    installation (see SAP Note 1310037). (bsc#1070390)

    - Add package requirements including a short description to the man page
    of sapconf and to the central configuration file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf.

    - Update the sapconf man page and associated man pages to reflect all the
    changes of this sapconf version. (bsc#1070506)

    - Respect active tuned profile during reboot of the system even if it is
    not a 'sap' profile. sapconf only activates sap-netweaver profile by
    default, if NO tuned profile is actually set. (bsc#1026862)

    - Re-insert 'elevator=noop' to tuned.conf of profile sap-hana and
    sap-netweaver. (bsc#1031073, bsc#1032516, bsc#1070494)

    - sapconf will set ALL values specified in the file /etc/sysconfig/sapconf
    irrespective of the current system value. The values will not only be
    increased, but also decreased if the value in the sysconfig file is
    lower than the current system value. All actions are logged to
    /var/log/sapconf.log. (fate#325547)

    - Change variable names in sysconfig file to avoid confusion. (bsc#1070495)

    - Remove unnecessary TMPFS_SIZE_MIN from sysconfig file. (bsc#1070496)

    Patch Instructions:

    To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
    Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP3:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2018-778=1

    Package List:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP3 (noarch):
      • sapconf-4.1.12-40.47.1