Implement less privilege service account for Updater, Scanner, and Manager

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As a security tool, a certain part of the NeuVector system requires a privileged service account. This must be the case for key components like controllers and enforcers. For the other parts of the system, it is possible to use less privileged service accounts for other tasks. Below are steps to implement a less privileged service account for the updater, scanner, and manager.


Steps to create roles and bindings ( #step 4) include the creation of the rolebinding neuvector-admin for the updater. This rolebinding should be updated with the service account neuvector:udater.



kubectl create serviceaccount updater -n neuvector
kubectl delete rolebinding neuvector-admin -n neuvector
kubectl create rolebinding neuvector-admin --clusterrole=admin --serviceaccount=neuvector:updater --serviceaccount=neuvector:default -n neuvector
Update Updater cronjob to reflect the new service account
kubectl patch cronjob neuvector-updater-pod -n neuvector --patch '{"spec":{"jobTemplate": {"spec": {"template": {"spec": {"serviceAccountName": "updater", "serviceAccount": "updater"}}}}}}'


kubectl create serviceaccount basic -n neuvector
Update Scanner and Manager deployment to reflect the new service account
kubectl patch deploy neuvector-manager-pod -n neuvector --patch '{"spec":{"template": {"spec": {"serviceAccountName": "basic", "serviceAccount": "basic"}}}}'
kubectl patch deploy neuvector-scanner-pod -n neuvector --patch '{"spec":{"template": {"spec": {"serviceAccountName": "basic", "serviceAccount": "basic"}}}}'
Note: No extra bindings are necessary but extra steps are needed for Kubernetes employing PSP or on OpenShift.


In addition to the neuvector-binding-psp (, the below neuvector-binding-psp-basic needs to be added with less privilege.). 
apiVersion: policy/v1beta1
kind: PodSecurityPolicy
name: neuvector-binding-psp-basic
annotations: '*'
privileged: false
readOnlyRootFilesystem: false
allowPrivilegeEscalation: false
allowedCapabilities: null
- '*'
hostNetwork: false
hostIPC: false
hostPID: false
rule: 'RunAsAny'
rule: 'RunAsAny'
rule: 'RunAsAny'
rule: 'RunAsAny'


kind: Role
  name: neuvector-binding-psp-basic
  namespace: neuvector
- apiGroups:
  - policy
  - extensions
  - podsecuritypolicies
  - use
  - neuvector-binding-psp-basic


kind: RoleBinding
  name: neuvector-binding-psp-basic
  namespace: neuvector
  kind: Role
  name: neuvector-binding-psp-basic
- kind: ServiceAccount
  name: basic
  namespace: neuvector
NOTE: PSP policies are matched in the order from top to bottom.  The above PSP policy needs to be at the top of the policy list, or the below commands must be applied to set a runasuser.  More details regarding runasuser can be found here -->
kubectl patch deploy neuvector-manager-pod -n neuvector --patch '{"spec":{"template": {"spec": {"securityContext":{"runAsUser":1000}}}}}'
kubectl patch deploy neuvector-scanner-pod -n neuvector --patch '{"spec":{"template": {"spec": {"securityContext":{"runAsUser":1000}}}}}'


oc -n neuvector adm policy add-scc-to-user hostaccess -z basic

NOTE: These recommendations are not integrated into the helm chart.  It is necessary to git clone and manually make the changes for implementation.  Please contact NeuVector Support if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Additional Information

Making these changes as of the current release will result in WebUI throwing an error stating 'Kubernetes rolebinding "neuvector-admin" is requested to grant the permission defined in clusterrole "admin" to service account...'. This error can be ignored. Additionally, these steps will not work and do not apply to all-in-one deployments.


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