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Address space monitoring and HANA DB performance

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and All Service Packs
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 15 and All Service Packs
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and All Service Packs
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 12 and All Service Packs


A SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 system running on SAP ECS with SLES 12 SP5 suffered severe performance degradation after an upgrade to SLES 15 SP3.

The system was monitored using atop with the -R option. 

Queries taking unexpectedly long time in some cases while performance is usually in line.

One or more proc files were read to monitor the system including, but not limited to: /proc/<pid>/smaps, /proc/<pid>/smaps_rollup,  /proc/<pid>/numa_maps, /prov/<pid>/pagemap.

Running strace -Ttt -e trace=memory shows >1s syscall runtime
148539 15:08:17.077800 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[0x6 /* MPOL_??? */], NULL, 0, 0x7bbfa7a13ec0, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <36.665900> 
147728 15:08:17.077878 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_PREFERRED], NULL, 0, 0x7f1b081199a0, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <33.571746> 
117292 15:08:17.077904 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_PREFERRED], NULL, 0, 0x7c241df05360, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <33.241993> 
116802 15:08:17.077925 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_PREFERRED], NULL, 0, 0x7d4caee8a9e0, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <35.166693> 
143937 15:08:17.077944 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_PREFERRED], NULL, 0, 0x7c226d046520, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <28.796564> 
117837 15:08:17.077966 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_INTERLEAVE], NULL, 0, 0x7ee209ceb800, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <28.983857> 
88575 15:08:17.077989 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[MPOL_INTERLEAVE], NULL, 0, 0x7c8e8f486000, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <26.095425> 
114038 15:08:17.078015 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[0x6 /* MPOL_??? */], NULL, 0, 0x7bbf93add800, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <24.056954> 
20426 15:08:17.078042 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[0x7 /* MPOL_??? */], NULL, 0, 0x7d0a2c5181e0, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <32.503773> 
149616 15:08:17.078066 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[0x7 /* MPOL_??? */], NULL, 0, 0x7c082d905400, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <13.463001> 
148542 15:08:17.078090 <... get_mempolicy resumed>[0x6 /* MPOL_??? */], NULL, 0, 0x7c03beff2400, MPOL_F_NODE|MPOL_F_ADDR) = 0 <8.519618> 
132662 15:08:17.078114 <... mmap resumed>) = 0x7f44c888e000 <40.743437>
The user of the respective /proc file is blocked in reading it, example:
PID: 278515  TASK: ffff920d630f0000  CPU: 252  COMMAND: "atop"
 #5 [ffffac424b5cbbe8] smaps_account at ffffffffb017daee
 #6 [ffffac424b5cbc18] smaps_pte_range at ffffffffb017ee30
 #7 [ffffac424b5cbc60] __walk_page_range at ffffffffb0088cb1
 #8 [ffffac424b5cbd40] walk_page_vma at ffffffffb00894c3
 #9 [ffffac424b5cbd80] show_smaps_rollup at ffffffffb017df6d
#10 [ffffac424b5cbe68] seq_read at ffffffffb011f458
#11 [ffffac424b5cbec8] vfs_read at ffffffffb00f5069
#12 [ffffac424b5cbef8] ksys_read at ffffffffb00f53f5
#13 [ffffac424b5cbf38] do_syscall_64 at ffffffffafe0542b
#14 [ffffac424b5cbf50] entry_SYSCALL_64_after_hwframe at ffffffffb08000a9
    RIP: 00007f20f0b35a5e  RSP: 00007ffda052e6d8  RFLAGS: 00000246
    RAX: ffffffffffffffda  RBX: 0000000000da12a0  RCX: 00007f20f0b35a5e
    RDX: 0000000000000400  RSI: 0000000000da1480  RDI: 0000000000000007
    RBP: 00007f20f0e1f800   R8: 0000000000da1480   R9: 0000000000000000
    R10: 0000000000000000  R11: 0000000000000246  R12: 000000000000000a
    R13: 0000000000000d68  R14: 00007f20f0e1ec00  R15: 0000000000000d68
    ORIG_RAX: 0000000000000000  CS: 0033  SS: 002b
HANA related processes/threads (e.g. hdbindexserver or job workers etc) would be blocked (check via /proc/<pid of hana process>/task/<thread_id>/stack or from echo t > /proc/sysrq-trigger output) are blocked on rw semaphore

Worker blocked on address space modification operation
PID: 313590  TASK: ffff94c0f41ac000  CPU: 18  COMMAND: "JobWrk49426" 
 #0 [ffffac424d95bd58] __schedule at ffffffffb0753a1f 
 #1 [ffffac424d95bde8] schedule at ffffffffb0753eaf 
 #2 [ffffac424d95bdf8] rwsem_down_write_slowpath at ffffffffaff00f65 
 #3 [ffffac424d95beb8] down_write_killable at ffffffffb0756923 
 #4 [ffffac424d95bec8] down_write_killable at ffffffffb0756923 
 #5 [ffffac424d95bed8] __vm_munmap at ffffffffb00810ff 
 #6 [ffffac424d95bf20] __x64_sys_munmap at ffffffffb00811a7 
 #7 [ffffac424d95bf38] do_syscall_64 at ffffffffafe0542b 
 #8 [ffffac424d95bf50] entry_SYSCALL_64_after_hwframe at ffffffffb08000a9
Worker blocked on the page fault
PID: 326143  TASK: ffff920dd6f34000  CPU: 414  COMMAND: "JobWrk50240" 
 #0 [ffffac424643fd78] __schedule at ffffffffb0753a1f 
 #1 [ffffac424643fe08] schedule at ffffffffb0753eaf 
 #2 [ffffac424643fe18] rwsem_down_read_slowpath at ffffffffb0756ab2 
 #3 [ffffac424643fec0] __do_page_fault at ffffffffafe873d9 
 #4 [ffffac424643ff20] do_page_fault at ffffffffafe87570 
 #5 [ffffac424643ff50] page_fault at ffffffffb080135e


Avoid directly reading or running applications that read proc files such as /proc/<pid>/smaps, /proc/<pid>/smaps_rollup,  /proc/<pid>/numa_maps, /prov/<pid>/pagemap. In this case, the atop program was terminated.


There are several proc files which allow to monitor address space of a process with a fine grain granularity e.g. most notably but not exclusively /proc/<pid>/smaps, /proc/<pid>/smaps_rollup,  /proc/<pid>/numa_maps, /prov/<pid>/pagemap. These files require taking the address space lock (mmap_sem resp. mmap_lock in kernels since 5.8). Even though the lock is taken in read (non-exclusive), it can potentially block time sensitive address space operations like mmap, munmap, mremap and even page faults or get_mempolicy calls under certain conditions. The effect scales with the size of mappings and address space in general. This can result in a lock contention and a very sub-optimal SAP HANA internal memory management performance. There have been cases when some queries could take 30+ seconds to execute in the presence of the atop tool using the -R parameter which was default prior to 2.6.0 of the tool.


Reported to Engineering


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  • Document ID:000020746
  • Creation Date: 02-Sep-2022
  • Modified Date:02-Sep-2022
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