SUSE's Integrated Systems OEM offerings simplify application deployment, reduce development and support costs, accelerate revenue growth and enter new markets.

For enterprises who need to build integrated systems based on industry-standard hardware, SUSE provides an unique combination of operating system, award-winning tools, services and support and maintenance. SUSE's solutions have what you need to simplify application deployment, reduce development and support costs, accelerate revenue growth, and enter new markets:

The foundation—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is right at home in today's data centers, which house a wide variety of systems and platforms. We have designed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to process all types of workloads, especially the mission-critical ones, while also providing the highest availability in its class. It supports productivity and reduces risk by helping your business to access critical systems, applications, networks and data continuously and securely. SUSE's flexible, reliable and cost-effective operating systems meet the specific needs for integrated systems. More ›

Integrated systems solutions from SUSE are based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the foundation of the most versatile, reliable and best supported software infrastructure solutions available to deliver mission-critical IT services efficiently and cost effectively.

Award-winning Technology and Tools

Integrated Systems provides both technical and business capabilities to help OEMs, IHVs and ISVs to build, create, test and get to market quickly with their software solutions. Integrated Systems offers a suite of advanced, breakthrough technologies:

SUSE Studio: Supports OEMs and ISVs who wish to build application images or appliances on premises and deploy them in physical, virtual and cloud environments. is a comprehensive collection of tools that allow you to reduce the complexity of software deployments and lower maintenance and support costs. SUSE Studio includes:

  • SUSE Lifecycle Management Server: A tool for authentication, entitlement and access control required for software vendors to distribute updates to their customers.
  • WebYaST: A robust, web-based configuration management interface that provides easy-to-use visibility into the configuration, health and performance of your virtual, software or cloud applications. Try SUSE Studio

SUSE Gallery: Provides a central, web-based repository where you can publish and promote your software application images or appliances for download. SUSE Gallery allows users to browse for an ISV's software for download. SUSE Gallery offers ISVs a built-in go-to-market opportunity with SUSE Studio More ›

KIWI support: Extends our award-winning support capabilities to KIWI, the core image creation engine integrated into SUSE Studio. You can import your own KIWI scripts directly into SUSE Studio.

SUSE Manager: SUSE Manager automates server management and provisioning, allowing you to perform these tasks faster and more accurately. SUSE Manager also helps server administrators identify server performance issues before they disrupt your business. More ›

A dedicated and experienced team of technical specialists

Leverage the deep technical knowledge and broad industry experience of SUSE IT Consulting. Our team, along with our partners, can help you design and implement the cost-effective, reliable and secure solution that meets your business needs. With our help, you can reap the benefits of your SUSE Linux Enterprise investment—faster and smarter.

In addition, we provide proven consulting methodologies backed by a global services organization. SUSE offers strategy roadmapping and implementation services to help identify and implement solutions that enable you to increase business-critical capabilities, achieve tangible results, create competitive advantage and realize a return on your investment within realistic time frames.

Best Linux support in the world

When you purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, you also tap into the world's best Linux support organization. You can be confident we will solve your problems better than anyone else.

Integrated Systems from SUSE provide three kinds of support:

  • Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and our tools for customizing and provisioning application images. You'll receive operational support through Novell Technical Services (NTS) via Partner Portal Support packs or our TPS program. All customers have self-service access to NTS as well as to the online Support Knowledgebase for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Support for developing your integrated solution. Your developer support is handled through the SUSE developer support teams
  • Pre-sales support

An independent marketing research survey by Lighthouse Research confirmed SUSE continues to lead both Oracle and Red Hat in providing quality Linux-based support. In this study, SUSE took the lead in the following areas:

  • Overall quality of support
  • Interoperability and mixed-platform support
  • Linux knowledge and expertise
  • Proactively providing support alerts, updates and patches
  • Time to reach an engineer
  • Time to resolve issues through an engineer

See our industry leading support program and learn more about the best Linux support in the world.


SUSE, along with our training partners, provides the training and certification you need to be successful. Our training includes everything from introductory courses to the most advanced engineering-level classes. And to make your training convenient and affordable, we provide a variety of training methods to choose from. More ›

All SUSE Integrated Systems customers will receive access to training courses through the Partner Portal, which serves Novell and SUSE partners. Membership in the Partner Portal is key to a profitable relationship with SUSE. As a member of the Partner Portal, SUSE provides you with the resources you need to design, deliver and support the SUSE solutions most suited to your business needs. More ›