Key Features

Reduce Downtimes

For both planned and unplanned downtimes by patching your systems when you need to.

Keep Your Business up and Running

With increased service availability by enabling your business-critical services to run without interruption.

Enhance Security & Compliance

By ensuring systems stay up-to-date with security patches and the capability to audit applied patches.

Live Patching sample scenario:

Here is a snapshot of a Linux kernel over 10 months as new security vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerability Exposures—CVEs) keep coming.

As a system administrator, you could be spending several man days each month applying patches, synchronizing the patches across all your systems and rebooting the systems. As each month goes by the unpatched CVEs continue to increase the security exposure.


You can avoid this scenario and stay secure by Live Patching the kernel each month when critical updates become available without interrupting your running applications.