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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Download

Check out this free evaluation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, which includes the entire contents of the full version plus 60 days of patches and updates. This does not include access to any technical support or to any software updates beyond the evaluation period. For technical support and yearly access to patches and updates, buy now.

  1. Get Activation Code by logging in to your Novell Login account (or create an account).
  2. Make note of or print the Activation Code for use during installation.
  3. Click Proceed to download.
  4. Download the files appropriate for your platform of choice.

If you are updating an existing installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, please check the documentation pages (installation instructions).

Please note: Once you login, the evaluation software will automatically be registered to you. You can begin using your free 60-day online updates immediately.

To download older versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, please visit http://download.suse.com/.

How to Use Your Activation Code

During installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop you will be asked to validate your Internet access. In the Update Configuration Section, the Customer Center Configuration screen will appear. You will be asked if you want to proceed. At this point:

  1. Enter the Activation Code from the download page and your e-mail address.
  2. Click Next. If you prefer not to update now, click No, Skip Update.
  3. Updates can be performed at any time after the installation. However, if there are any updates available, we recommend downloading and installing them to fix known bugs or security issues.

You are now ready to begin your evaluation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

NOTE: The only limitation of this evaluation software is the duration of your free access to update.novell.com. Should you choose to purchase a subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, you will be provided with a new Activation Code, which you can easily update in your machine or in Customer Center, in order to re-enable access to update.novell.com for product patches and updates.

You are now entitled to get your 60 days of patches for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop by: entering your username and password during a YaST Online Update; downloading them via Customer Center; or manually downloading Service Packs and patches from download.suse.com.

Managing and Extending Your Evaluation

Once your evaluation software has automatically been registered, you can use Customer Center to manage your temporary subscription, keep an eye on the expiration date, track all the systems on which you have installed it, and upgrade it to the full subscription when you decide to buy. For more information about Customer Center, please read the Customer Center User Guide.

If you are currently evaluating SUSE software, you may choose to extend the evaluation for an additional 60 days. To do this, you need to log in to Customer Center, look up your product and click the Extend link in the Action column. When appropriate, your sales representative can extend your evaluation.

NOTE: You can extend each product evaluation only once.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop