Twenty-four Google Summer of Code Student Projects to Create Code for Go OpenOffice, Mono and openSUSE

April 30, 2009

Novell-sponsored open source projects mentor students and help them gain software development experience


Novell today announced that three of its sponsored open source initiatives are participating in the Google Summer of Code™, hosting a total of 24 student projects. The students with accepted projects will be mentored by Novell employees and community contributors with the openSUSE and Mono projects, which have participated in previous Google Summer of Code events, and Go OpenOffice (

Working with mentors, the students will learn how to work with open source projects and gain software development experience creating code during their academic summer vacation. This year's students will work on projects that include synchronizing openSUSE with mobile devices, developing a database designer add-in for MonoDevelop, and improving OpenOffice Writer's document comparison functionality.

The 24 projects were selected from more than 100 proposals submitted by students around the world. Proposals were then vetted and ranked by participating mentors for the openSUSE Project, Mono Project, and Go OpenOffice, respectively.

Novell views the Google Summer of Code as an extremely valuable effort to expose students to open source development projects, cultivate new developers, and create valuable code for the open source ecosystem. For more information on Google Summer of Code and accepted student projects, visit:

To learn more about Novell sponsored and supported open source projects, visit: