SUSE Rules the Stack Yet Again at OpenStack Summit

June 2, 2015

SUSE engineers deploy OpenStack fastest, taking both first and second place in Intel-sponsored contest

Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE engineers "Rule the Stack" once again, deploying a complete OpenStack infrastructure in the fastest time at the recent OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. It is the third straight Rule the Stack win for enterprise Linux and OpenStack provider SUSE®, as its OpenStack experts are the only ones to ever win the challenge, having won the first two at previous OpenStack Summit conferences.

SUSE took the top two spots at the Intel-sponsored contest in Vancouver, using two different approaches to efficiently create SUSE OpenStack Clouds. The SUSE team led by Dirk Mueller went the super-fast route, building a custom installation appliance using the KIWI tool. The SUSE team's clock time was nine minutes and six seconds, but their winning time was negative 10 minutes and 54 seconds because of time bonuses awarded for additional features deployed.

Next, SUSE's Adam Spiers and Vincent Untz used Crowbar, the deployment framework included with SUSE OpenStack Cloud, to fully deploy OpenStack in the score time of 10 minutes and 17 seconds after time adjustments. The next fastest competitor finished 48 minutes later.

Beyond competition and testing, SUSE OpenStack Cloud is recognized for rapid deployment, ease of use and delivering a smooth customer experience in real-world data center environments.

"Thanks to the included deployment framework, we installed our SUSE OpenStack Cloud together with SUSE consultants in one day," said Matthias Braun, head of SAP Delivery for FIS-ASP. "We are now able to implement more complex and sophisticated SAP landscapes to our customers in a shorter provisioning time."

SUSE OpenStack Cloud simplifies private cloud infrastructure management, reducing time to value as organizations look to use its "as-a-service" capabilities to rapidly deliver business solutions. Combined with SUSE Enterprise Storage, SUSE Manager and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE OpenStack Cloud forms the basis of a data center platform designed for business innovation. For more information about private cloud for the enterprise and SUSE OpenStack Cloud, visit

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