Behind the Box: SUSE Linux Revolutionizes Volume Management Software

August 6, 2001

SUSE Linux provides insights on its virtual storage application: Logical Volume Management (LVM)


Today, SUSE Linux, the international technology leader and provider of Open Source solutions, presented Logical Volume Management (LVM), a spearheading Linux solution for storage management. In a White Paper, SUSE Linux delivers valuable insights on SuSE Labs developments on how Logical Volume Management (LVM) is the answer to avoiding any downtime of systems. The achievement is obtained by creating a layer of abstraction over the storage and allowing vital manipulations during runtime.

"More than one hundred developers from SUSE Labs work on solutions for tomorrow. The innovations in connection with the numerous core components of the Linux operating system are directly implemented in the latest SUSE Linux versions," remarked Holger Dyroff, Director of Sales, SUSE Inc. in Oakland, California.

Applications use virtual storage, which is managed by using volume management software. SUSE labs added the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to SUSE Linux and integrated the configuration of LVM into the installation tools. With the LVM, it is possible to run and administrate a Volume Group and Logical Volumes while running Linux. The LVM enables logical storage to move to a different physical location, adding storage space to already existing Logical Volume(s) without any downtime of the system. If a file system on the logical volume supports online-resizing (such as ReiserFS on SUSE Linux), the file system can be resized during runtime, to immediately use the additional space. The application runs smoothly in the background that applications and users will not even notice the operation. With the LVM, it is possible to integrate disks and partitions from completely different storage subsystems into one Volume Group and can be used in shared storage clusters. As the LVM configuration is stored on the physical volumes managed by LVM itself, the system is independent of physical device IDs.

For the white paper about the Logical Volume Management please check: http://www/

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