SUSE Powers Complete Line Linux-Works Systems

August 29, 2001

Desktops, Servers, Workstations, Laptops and NanoPCs Pre-installed with SuSE Linux

Oakland, Calif.

Today SUSE Linux, the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source, and Linux-Works, a systems solutions provider, announced an agreement allowing Linux-Works to distribute computer systems with pre-installed SUSE Linux 7.2. Well-known for its enterprise hardware and NanoPC line, Linux-Works chose SUSE Linux as the de facto standard for all their Linux needs. Linux-Works systems featuring SUSE Linux are immediately available.

"We supply our customers with the best performing and most stable and reliable Linux distribution," said Gary Baker, CTO at Linux-Works. "SuSE delivers the product that best suits our clients. The personal attention they give us forms a trust and confidence that essential to every successful business relationship. They bring the spirit of open source to everything they do, making it actually fun to do business with them."

"To combine SUSE Linux with a hardware solutions provider dedicated to an open market creates a perfect team," said Holger Dyroff, Director of sales, SUSE Linux Oakland, California. "This agreement centers on customer demand for reliable, stable and secure hardware solutions across a full range of computing products. Linux-Works product line from its servers to its innovative NanoPC now supplies the enterprise with a fully compatible and uniform line of Linux-based systems that expands open source computing to more markets."

SUSE Linux 7.2 is a comprehensive collection of the best solutions on Linux today and delivers the latest cutting edge technology with its new Kernel 2.4.4 and 2.2.19, based on glibc 2.2.2. The 7.2 edition provides increased USB support for personal computer users and enhanced scalability for network administrators. Two versions of the product are available: a Personal Edition for home and small office users, and an advanced Professional Edition for developers and network administrators. Both versions include the link Linux users need to take advantage of the many benefits that the Panasonic re-writable DVD offers. The Linux driver treats DVD-RAM media like any other removable hard drive media, allowing users to treat the DVD-RAM drive just as they would any other hard drive in Linux. SUSE Linux Professional is an enterprise-level package with more than 2,500 programs for servers, networking, and security, cross platform data exchange and multimedia applications. The new version incorporates comprehensive server support for databases, email, e-commerce, Web, ftp, and file servers, as well as library and logical volume management. The longevity and reliability of the removable DVD-RAM media, combined with its low storage cost, make it an excellent centralized storage solution for these high-volume applications. In addition to this, the Windows file and print server (Samba Release 2.2) supports Windows 2000 workstations in Samba domains and administration through the NT server manager. Moreover, Samba 2.2 now also works with Microsoft's Distributed File System.

About Linux-Works

Twelve years ago and under a different name, Linux-Works began as a network consulting company. In 1999, the company officially became Linux-Works to reflect a firm belief in Linux as the future for operating systems. The company focuses on three goals: To provide technology available to people all over the world, to provide a fulfilling work environment for people in our company and to actively support our communities. In its dedication to providing service and value to IT customers, the company began to transform a customer-base of Windows and Novell users to the stability and performance of Linux.

Now with many installed Linux-based systems throughout that customer-base, Linux-Works executives are even more convinced that, with the proliferation of desktop applications, Linux will be the operating system of choice. The company carefully partnered SUSE Linux because of its ease of installation, comprehensive set of packages and great support capabilities. The open source movement is in sync with our goals and our partnership with SUSE will help further them.
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