8 December 2020

Earlier this month we announced the completion of SUSE’s acquisition of Rancher Labs.

We are focused on ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible for our customers and partners. Ensuring that you have uninterrupted support during this period is a priority. Please find the information you will need to update your procurement process.

Formal Legal Assignment of Agreements

To ensure you can do business with SUSE easily, any agreement under which you presently procure Rancher-related products or services (your “Agreements”)  are hereby assigned from Rancher to SUSE effective January 8, 2021 (the “Effective Date”), so that: all Rancher-related rights and obligations will be assumed by the applicable SUSE legal entity (the "SUSE Counterparty") as of the Effective Date,  on the same terms as your existing contract, and under which you can continue to purchase Rancher products.

Ordering Process Instructions

If you use the option to purchase directly (instead of through a reseller partner) please note that you will need to adjust your procurement records for any purchases made after January 8, 2021. To assist you in completing the necessary customer setup changes you will need to make, we have provided a vendor information sheet including our bank details. We ask that you please complete your customer setup changes prior to January 8, 2021.


In line with industry norms SUSE LLC will collect all applicable state and local sales tax on sales to customers, unless provided with a properly completed tax exemption certificate that is valid for the US state(s) into which products or taxable services will be delivered. Exemption certificates are state specific. A certificate for each US state where an exemption is being claimed is required. All fields on the exemption certificate need to be completed by the purchaser. The fully completed exemption certificate needs to be provided at the time of sale.

Seller (supplier) name and address should be shown as:

1800 Novell Place
UT 84606
United States

Please note that none of these changes become effective until January 8.

You should continue to procure software and services on the same basis as you have done with Rancher through to January 8 2021.

Should you have any questions regarding this transition, please contact your account team who will be happy to assist you.