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Time for Compiler Improvements!


Are you building software that runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11? Do you want to take advantage of the C++ 14 standard or see your code run faster?

Then install the packages of the latest stable GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) version that we just released for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 – after we released them for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 with the launch of the “Toolchain Module“.

The new GCC 5.2 comes with improvements for C++14, Fortran 2008, and Fortran 2015. As usual, it includes many new optimizations. For details, see https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-5/changes.html . The C++14 improvements includes variable templates, aggregates with non-static data member initializers, and much more.

To help you in your development, we updated also the GNU debugger (gdb) to version 7.9 and the basic compiler utilities (GNU binutils) to version 2.25.

Customers can directly run your improved applications since we released the runtime libraries for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 are released as normal updates.

How can you use the new compiler?

Just install the “gcc5” package and invoke the GCC 5 compiler driver using “gcc-5”:

$ gcc-5 -O2 hello.c -o hello

If you’re interested in SUSE’s toolchain, join my presentation “FUT19324 – Updating the Compiler? Take Advantage of New Development Toolchain” at SUSECon ’15 in Amsterdam.


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