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SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1 Public Beta (Beta 2) is out!


We are thrilled to announce the Public Beta (Beta 2) of SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1!
SLE Micro is an ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system purpose built for edge computing. Please check out our Product page to learn more, but for the beta program, please refer to our dedicated beta page.

Major Theme for SLE Micro 5.1

  • Web based System Management with Cockpit
    As an immutable operating system designed for Edge use cases, SLE Micro does not support YaST for local system administration. We provide basic administration tools via the included web-based system management based on the Cockpit project.
  • New deliverable: Real-Time
    Real-Time – On Intel and AMD64 SLE Micro provides a real-time kernel as an option.
  • Security Framework
    SLE Micro standardises on SELinux as the security and confinement framework and extents it with a fully supported SELinux policy.

Notable Changes since SLE Micro 5.0?

  • Based on SLE 15 SP3
    SLE Micro 5.1 is based on SLE 15 SP3 where SLE Micro 5.0 was based on SLE 15 SP2.
  • SUSEConnect re-write
    As we strive to make SLE Micro as minimal as possible we decided to re-write SUSEConnect in a compiled language that does not come with a dependency on a scripting language stack. We have decided to re-write SUSEConnect in Go.
  • Full 5G support (Planned, not yet included in Beta)
    Initial testing with partners and customers has shown the support for 5G devices with the currently used networking stack based on wicked is limited. With SLE Micro 5.1 the support for 5G client devices shall be improved and expand to cover common devices.
  • Secure Device Onboarding (SDO)
    Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) will play a major role in upcoming edge deployments. We therefore will provide an SDO client on SLE Micro 5.1. The client will not be provided on the SLE Micro 5.1 images itself but outside of the images.
  • LivePatching
    With SLE Micro being introduced in datacenter as a container host OS, there is a need for specific datacenter feature, thus the availability of live patching. We are going to provide LivePatching with the final product SLE Micro 5.1. It is not yet available with this beta2.

Call for feedback

We are eager and excited to retrieve your feedback on this new version of our beloved SLE Micro product! As with any SUSE Public Beta Program, we have a public mailing list in place for technical and product discussion as well as a bugzilla setup to be used for bug report.

Please refer to SLE Micro Beta web page for more information.

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