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Open source has become synonymous with innovation.  The reasons are clear — open source fosters collaboration, speed and interoperability.  But what happens when open source isn’t truly open?  That is, if using an open source solution actually locks you into a particular solution stack or forces you to stay with a particular vendor?  This potential for “lock in” can cause a nightmare for your business, limiting your agility and inhibiting the speed of innovation. 

With three decades of open source expertise, Linux and Kubernetes leadership, openness and interoperability, customer and community-led innovation, SUSE is committed to putting the open back in open source.

The Reality of Mixed Linux Environments 

Running a mixed Linux environment is common in today’s IT world. That is, competitive businesses run a wide variety of workloads on a wide variety of Linux distributions, including production workloads running on different enterprise Linux distributions.  

In this scenario, you are no doubt getting support, maintenance updates and security patches from not only multiple vendors, but also the open source communities. In addition, it’s possible that you are using multiple management dashboards to keep track of the health of your disparate systems.   

Your mixed Linux environment is quite frankly a nightmare for your administrators. Support contracts with multiple vendors are costly and complicated to maintain. And getting community support takes time away from the innovative work that the business is asking of you.   

The question is: how do you keep your workloads running where they run best and simplify your IT management?



Introducing SUSE Liberty Linux

SUSE Liberty Linux is a new technology and support offering that provides customers a unified support experience for managing their heterogeneous IT environments. With SUSE Liberty Linux, you get trusted support with optional proven management tools that are optimized for mixed Linux environments, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and as you would expect SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.  The three pillars of SUSE Liberty Linux are:

  • Enterprise Grade Support 

With SUSE Liberty Linux, you get enterprise grade support for your entire mixed Linux environment from a world class technical support team. That means that your support experience becomes simple because you are calling one support number and one team for all your support cases – no matter what the Linux distro. 

Access your support 24/7/365 via chat, email or phone.  And, with teams across the globe, SUSE has true follow-the-sun support in local languages.  In addition, your support entitlement comes with guaranteed business critical SLAs and ongoing communication from problem identification to resolution. 

You’re in safe hands with SUSE market-leading customer support and industry-leading broad and deep enterprise Linux expertise.

  • Management Tools that Automate

SUSE Liberty Linux works well with SUSE Manager as an optional automation and management tool. That means you can simplify and streamline your disparate Linux environment – from core to cloud and all the way to the edge.  And because SUSE Manager manages all your systems, your system administrators just need to monitor a single pane of glass to keep track of their health.  

Using SUSE Manager with SUSE Liberty Linux drives efficiencies by shifting routine work away from your IT staff and integrating smart automation. The result:  minimize staffing costs and reduce the time for system deployment and updates, even in complex DevOps scenarios. This frees your staff to do the innovative work your business requires. 

  • Zero Disruptions, Complete Compatibility

You know what Linux distribution you need for your workloads.  SUSE Liberty Linux enables you to leverage your existing distributions, while also receiving consolidated maintenance patches, security updates and world class support from a single company. 

With SUSE Liberty Linux, you receive full binary compatible security patches and maintenance updates for your entire Linux estate.  This keeps your infrastructure up-to-date and secure, ensuring high availability, resilient storage, and bullet proof load balancing. 

There is no migration worry which means there is no disruption to your current environment.  As such, your applications and workloads will continue to run as designed.

SUSE Liberty Linux simplifies your mixed IT infrastructure by consolidating on a single partner with a rich Linux history.  A partner that trusts that you know your business best.  As the latest proof point in SUSE’s open, interoperable strategy, SUSE Liberty Linux provides the simplicity, choice, and flexibility you need without the expense and barriers that come with vendor lock-in.   

Choose open.  Choose SUSE.  Find out more by visiting


*SUSE Manager is an optional entitlement subscription that will simplify and automate management. 



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