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You want some SUSE socks? We know you do; SUSE x KubeCon.


Looking for socks? How about a nice, juicy, SUSE chameleon? If you’re going to KubeCon, you can get them. Stop by the SUSE booth, G17, and we’ll hook you up. After you’ve got yourself some socks and your very own SUSE chameleon, head on over to see Rob De Canha-Knight, EMEA Technical Strategist at SUSE, for his birds of a feather session on diversity and inclusion.

Diversity of any kind leads to cognitive diversity, which directly correlates to success. Although there is still plenty of work to be done, the Open Source community has made great strides in the inclusion of various minority groups by improving access to the field. However, there remains one subsection of the technology community that is still significantly underrepresented. The LGBTIQIA community remains significantly under-represented in technology industry with some estimates placing the community between three to four percent of employees.

During his talk, Rob will discuss some of the issues that lead to this underrepresentation, as well as some strategies that companies and communities can use to ensure they get the best employees and contributors, regardless of which minority group that these employees or contributors belong. You can, of course, wear those SUSE socks to that session – we endorse that.

Before you head out to KubeCon though, we suggest checking our Rob’s recent webinar series, “The Platform Operator’s Buyer’s Guide to Kubernetes.” We know that Kubernetes can be rather confusing, so in his webinar series, Rob discuses questions that every future Kubernetes operator should ask before adopting a Kubernetes-based solution. In his series, Rob focuses on topics ranging from installation and configuration, to maintenance and monitoring, and security. His series also features live demos on many of these topics, making it an extremely useful watch for anyone looking at adopting a Kubernetes-based solution.

Have a great KubeCon, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Chris Lentricchia is Global Product Marketing Manager at SUSE covering SUSE Containers-as-a-Service Platform. You can find him on Twitter @iamcippino


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