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SUSE Enterprise Storage Review by Storage Review Enterprise Lab


by Storage Review Enterprise Lab.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software-defined storage solution powered by Ceph designed to help enterprises manage the ever-growing data sets. Further, SUSE aims to help by taking advantage of favorable storage economics as hard drives continue to get larger and flash prices continue to fall. While typically configured as a hybrid, Ceph is ultimately as flexible as the customer’s demand it to be. While much of the software-defined gusto these days is focused on primary storage and hyperconverged offerings, Ceph is helping to fuel significant hardware development as well. HP, Dell, Supermicro and others have all invested heavily in dense 3.5″ chassis with multiple compute nodes in an effort to provide the underlying hardware platforms Ceph requires. In the case of this particular review, we leveraged HPE gear including ProLiant servers and Apollo chassis, but SUSE Enterprise Storage can be deployed on just about anything.

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