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SUSE and Dell Partner for Enterprise OpenStack Solutions


Back in the Spring when I sat down with Dell’s John Igoe (Executive Director of Cloud and Big Data Solutions) to have a beer and talk technology and business, it only  took a few minutes to realize that we had a common interest in providing an enterprise-ready, OpenStack-based private cloud solution to the market for our mutual customers. From there we’ve continued building on our existing SUSE/Dell global partnership to make that a reality.

Last week at DellWorld, SUSE announced that we’ve joined Dell’s Emerging Solutions Ecosystem along with InkTank and Mirantis (also SUSE partners).

And the timing is perfect! Just a few months ago, we released SUSE Cloud, the first OpenStack-based enterprise private cloud solution, which features integration of Dell-developed Crowbar and InkTank backed Ceph Storage. With consulting, training and technical services partner Mirantis, the leading systems integrator for OpenStack, we’re part of a dynamic and fast-growing ecosystem that is making open source IaaS a reality for the enterprise.

And for more information, check out Dan Kusnetzky’s take on all this here on his recent ZDNet article.

Stay tuned to learn more about how SUSE and Dell are teaming up to deliver enterprise private cloud solutions!




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