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Reflections Ahead of SUSECON Digital


I have to confess that aside from New Year and family birthdays, SUSECON is my favorite diary date.

Where else could I combine the job I love with renewing friendships, meeting new friends and immersing myself in a welcoming global community?

The difficult global circumstances we currently find ourselves in have caused me to look back a little wistfully at my great experiences at previous SUSECON events where I, like other attendees, have enjoyed the outstanding technical content, open access to subject matter experts, and a true feeling of community.

This is why I could not be more proud and excited that the team has risen to the monumental challenge presented over the last weeks: to devise an online experience that will deliver outstanding technical content, allow for open access to the people who create that content, and still maintain a sense of community. The team has been hard at work producing just that – a virtual SUSECON experience that will be as memorable as the live event.

I am delighted that along with Daniel Nelson, Brent Schroeder and some of our esteemed partners, I get to play a part in SUSECON Digital when it kicks off on May 20.

As far as the Engineering and Innovation keynote goes – and I promise there won’t be any spoilers here – I have been impatiently waiting to tell the world more about the profound meaning “Simplify,” “Modernize” and “Accelerate” have in the thought process of our customers.

We’ll explore some of the customer problems associated with each of these notions and the way that SUSE will solve them now and in the future.

The team I lead at SUSE focuses on bringing the vision of how to solve our customers’ problems to life and making it real as they grapple with an ever-more-complex set of business transformation and IT challenges.

We’ll be taking a deeper dive, from a technical standpoint, into how our solutions help customers optimize their environment and, in doing so, how we help them to simplify, modernize and accelerate.

Daniel and I will focus on simplifying and optimizing apps and data in existing IT environments, as well as bringing applications and data into a modern computing world. We will also look at how to unlock and enable the full potential (better, faster, cheaper) of apps and data.

One of the pieces I was most passionate about preserving in a digital SUSECON experience is in-depth technical demos. So I am excited to confirm that there will be several cutting-edge technical demos brought to you by our CTO office and Demopalooza crew, which will enable us to show rather than just tell.

In SUSECON tradition, the themes I am discussing in the keynote will be amongst those drilled into in the 150+ breakout sessions of all types, ranging from high-level business and technology overviews to deep technical tutorials. We’ll have troubleshooting walk-throughs, deployment case studies and roadmap sessions to help you glimpse into the future of open source solutions. These sessions will become available weekly through June.

As you would expect, there will also be deep insight provided into what the broader ecosystem will offer now and in the future, and we are honored that so many partners will be joining us in the digital experience to help us tell that story.

You can also expect a typically SUSE take on delivering the kind of personal interaction SUSECON has become famous for, just served up in a digital format.

We all have an important role in shaping the future of IT and a choice about how we can come to Be the Difference in the world around us. I am delighted that we have created SUSECON Digital as a platform to do that from.

Even as a non-sales and marketing guy I am blown away that we are giving all this to you, our community, for free. All you owe me is a Guinness if I ever run into you in Dublin (or elsewhere too)!

So, please do play your part. Register now for SUSECON Digital on May 20, keep your schedule free and enjoy the show. Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback too.

See you at SUSECON Digital!


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