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Reduce the Barriers to Entry for Blockchain by Leveraging Kubernetes’ Capabilities


Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are changing the nature of doing business and helping companies reimagine how to manage tangible and digital assets.

DLT platforms, including blockchain and associated technologies which include smart contracts, digital tokens, etc., have crossed the chasm of hype and are well on their way to driving real productivity. They are fundamentally changing the nature of doing business across organizational boundaries and helping companies reimagine how they make and manage identity, data, brand, provenance, professional certifications, copyrights, and other tangible and digital assets. In fact, while companies canceled purely speculative blockchain projects during the pandemic, many are doubling down on those that they identified as delivering real, measurable value to the organization.

At the Open Source in Finance Forum which took place in London on July 13, experts across financial services, technology and open source gathered to engage in conversations about how to best leverage open source software to solve industry challenges as well as gain competitive advantages. As the only conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open source software and standards it offers the financial services community an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the top visionaries in the industry as well as from each other.

Though I did not have the opportunity to attend the Forum, BTP, an enterprise blockchain company and a SUSE One silver partner, attended & presented. During their session, BTP shared their subject matter expertise on how the barriers to adopting blockchain can be reduced by leveraging Kubernetes. You can watch the recorded video of their session, as I did, without leaving the comfort of my home office or worrying about whether my flight would be canceled.

BTP began the discussion with a brief introduction to the distributed ledger technology landscape, an open source initiative modelled on the CNCF landscape. This helped level-set so everyone in the audience could enjoy their presentation. Next, the presenter explained the increasing importance of Kubernetes as the bedrock in the increasingly complex world of blockchain. Kubernetes is the perfect environment in which to deploy blockchain solutions.

The complexity of blockchain deployments, added to the complexity of Kubernetes deployments, is often a barrier to adoption of this technology. BTP shares their secret sauce on how they address this by automating the deployment and management of DLTs from the Hyperledger Foundation on Kubernetes, overlaying support for the open source smart contract language, Daml, from Digital Asset. The video showcases the benefits of this approach by highlighting their work in the insurance and financial services arena.

What I especially enjoyed about watching their session was the demo which showed the ease of deploying an enterprise blockchain stack on top of SUSE Rancher Kubernetes. Please take a moment to share your success using Kubernetes to deploy an enterprise blockchain stack.


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