We interviewed a number of existing SUSE Rancher customers and asked them what they loved about it. The findings are nothing short of astonishing! We are posting them here since they may help you with your container/cloud native journey.

1.  Customers love our free training – Rancher Academy. It was mentioned by almost all participants. Kubernetes management has some intricacies so starting with training is always a great idea. We have you covered.

2.  SUSE Rancher 2.6 came out with many new features – the new web interface is beautiful and intuitive. Customers love it for the looks and the ease of use it offers. The point and click UI lowers the learning curve considerably.

3.  SUSE Rancher plugs in painlessly with your existing Kubernetes clusters, Active Directory services for authentication etc., existing contracts with cloud providers and so on. Rancher is a team player!

4. SUSE Rancher is truly heterogeneous in terms of your choice of operating system – it can be deployed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat etc. Here is the full support matrix.

5.  SUSE Rancher handles Kubernetes management complexity better than other competing solutions. We spoke to a tech admin who was struggling with one of our competitors. They then tested with Rancher and things just fell into place.

6. Our per node pricing is about as simple as it gets. No vCore/vCPU metrics plus extra terms and even more confusion. Price is per managed node – that’s it.

7. Customers have loved Rancher from the beginning. After the merger with SUSE, a banking customer we spoke to, felt even better about it since it became a part of a larger support organization. Support, after all, is the bread and butter of any open-source business.

8. What is more, after the merger with SUSE, Rancher got huge boost in engineering resources. Projects like Harvester became products and new ones are getting launched and proving value to enterprises. Customers are honestly pleased to see that we are restlessly continuing along the path of innovation.

9. Customers chose SUSE Rancher because there already was some Rancher usage/experience within their organization. It is simply a cool product and dev teams love it!

10. Customers love the openness of Rancher and its closeness to pure Kubernetes. They shared with us that other vendors have their own Kubernetes version which, in their words, is a drawback!

11. One of our customers shared that Rancher was chosen for being an all-in-one solution – solved a number of connection issues that came with downtime. It made troubleshooting so much easier for them.

If you are still on the fence with your choice of Kubernetes management – start with the Rancher Academy. Get a few folks trained and seek their feedback later. We’ll be there to help you along the way.



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