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Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: New SUSE Best Practices


With the newly published SUSE Best Practices document “Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – Getting Started“, my colleague James Yang recently provided a long-awaited and easy-to-follow guide that helps users install and configure a basic Microsoft SQL Server deployment on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.





Since Microsoft released SQL Server for Linux in 2017, the feature gap for SQL Server between Windows and Linux has been closing quickly with each update. Aside from some niche features, it’s now extremely viable to consider running SQL Server workloads on Linux, with the 2019 release.



The new guide addresses SQL Server DBAs, Developers, and DevOps/SRE engineers who are familiar with SQL Server on Windows and are looking to migrate to Linux. Operators who are adding an SQL Server requirement into a primarily Linux environment may prefer tools that run only on Linux servers for consistency and simplicity. Another reason for a use case may be lower negotiated pricing for Linux subscriptions to replace existing SQL Servers on Windows machines.



The guide covers a basic installation of SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It is meant to be agnostic of underlying infrastructure excepting the nuance of registering your server discussed in the section “Server registration”, of course.

Curious now? Check the guide out yourself and share your feedback!


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