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IBM Smarter Computing Debate Series: Open Computing


The ‘What’s Next for IT?’ video debate series is a “forum where expert IT influencers discuss cloud, data and security trends and technologies that are top of mind for business and tech clients.” So says the web landing page for the next session of IBM’s Smarter Computing Debate Series. 

On Tuesday, October 29, IBM will be hosting a debate on Open Computing. Below is a short abstract for the session.

Some experts say that open computing gives you the speed, integration and choice that proprietary systems can’t offer. But of course, there are other experts who disagree. Join us for the latest in our “What’s Next for IT” Debate Series and watch as three experts have a spirited back-and-forth conversation on the pros and cons of open computing.

I mention this series for many reasons. For one, IBM is one of our hardware alliance partners, has a strong commitment to Linux and open source computing, and I love getting to work with the great people there. I also bring it up today because one of the panelists in the next session is one of those great people I get to work with, Adam Jollans, the program director for Cross-IBM Linux and Open Virtualization Strategy.

So check it out, I’d love to hear what you think of the session in the comments. And (shameless plug) come to SUSECon, where you might hear IBM talk a little more about Open Computing.



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