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How do you say SUSE?

SUSECON 2019 has come and gone and was definitely one for the books. Whether you were able to attend the event in person or not, you can still view plenty of videos and content that was shared at the event.

One of my favorite videos from the week was “How do you say SUSE” -which comically reminded attendees how to properly say “SUSE.” Don’t quite know exactly how to pronounce SUSE? We’ve got you covered….Broadway musical style.

The keynote videos from each day are not to be missed as well as the series of amazing music parody videos that have recently been created. One of the major take-a-ways this year was the recent announcement that as of March 15, not only did SUSE become an independent company, we are now the largest independent open source company in the industry.

Throughout the week, attendees learned how they could use open software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to reduce costs and complexity, and quickly leverage the latest advancements, and move the business forward while reducing unnecessary risk.

It was a great week full of fun, education, training, and more, and an event you won’t want to miss next year.

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