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FOSDEM & git merge Feb 2017 – openSUSE talks – updated


This year’s awesome free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate will take place in Brussels, at the weekend of Feb 4 and 5.

Come and join openSUSE’s talks around Tumbleweed, OBS, Documentation and much more. This is the updated list mid of January:

*”Ceph and Storage management with openATTIC” by  Lenz Grimmer
*”Ceph USB Storage Gateway” by David Disseldorp
* “Continuous Integration with the Open Build Service” by Christian Bruckmayer
* “Transactional Updates with btrfs” by Thorsten Kukuk
* “Writing Open Source Documentation for Open Source Projects” by Christoph Wickert
* “Essentials about Disaster Recovery with Relax-and-Recover“, “First steps with Relax-and-Recover (ReaR)” and “Future ideas for ReaR, DRLM, and Bareos” by Johannes Meixner.

and last but not least:

* “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tumbleweed – Why everyone should be running a rolling release
* “Resurrecting dinosaurs, what can possibly go wrong? – How Containerised Applications could eat our users.
by openSUSE’s Chairman of the Board Richard Brown.

Before FOSDEM, at git merge on February 2-3 in Brussels, SUSE’s Cornelius Schuhmacher will give a talk about “Git for Pair Programming”.



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