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Data center issues? What you need is an expert!


In case you haven’t heard, SUSE Expert Days are making their way across the globe. As the person in charge of the tour in North America, I can personally vouch for the amount of effort that goes into every aspect of these popular events, from the creation of presentations, all the way down to the selection of menu items. Several months ago I teased that we would be doing the tour differently from what we have in the past, and I’m happy to provide you with a look at what’s changed!  Check it out!


First, we entered the planning for Expert Days with our customer as the primary focus. Though the deep dive conversations and technology demonstrations would benefit anyone already equipped with data center know-how, we recognize that those who benefit most from these full day events are people that have already been engaged, at some level, with SUSE representatives.  We therefore looked at a heat map to gauge exactly where this demographic is located. Outcome? We selected locations much more central to that audience. For example, you may notice that we have listed some unconventional cities for our tour stops this year. Instead of downtown Atlanta, we will be hosting in the nearby suburb of Sandy Springs. Instead of Dallas proper, we will be in Irving, TX…all in an effort to make the event more accessible to our friends in these metropolitan areas.

Next, we put a huge amount of effort into developing presentations that address the needs of our customers, maybe even before a customer recognizes it as a need! As you already know, the data center is central to the successful operation of a business forging through the 21st century, and true to form, technology is advancing at neck-breaking speed to keep up with (and stayahead of) consumer demands. Innovation is and always has been the hallmark of a successful business, and despite the fact that innovative products still hold their place, the data center is increasingly becoming the foundation that supports a successful go-to-market strategy. Just ask Apple why they developed iCloud when they already had the iPhone, or ask Amazon how their Echo is able to work as well as it does. The answer lies in the convenience, accessibility, and reliability of cloud-based data centers that are capable of delivering on-demand services.

So this year, you will find Expert Days stuffed with presentations that talk about HOW to adapt a data center to meet the needs of your business AND consumers in a way that will not limit future innovations, but actually open the flood gates to not-yet-conceived possibilities.

It’s a very exciting time in the world of the data center, thanks to the community of masterminds all over the world that contribute to open source technologies. SUSE simply refines these innovations so that they are reliable and ready for your business; SUSE also gives you the opportunity to learn how to leverage these advances from data center experts in the form of SUSE Expert Days.

With all that in mind, I formally invite you to join us to define the future of your data center with this year’s main topics:

  • The Digital Transformation
  • Software-defined Infrastructure
  • Changing Application Service Delivery with DevOps

You can learn more about SUSE Expert Days at, and be sure to register for a city near you.

See you there!


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