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The Big Data Channel is Open for Crossing


Yes, we’re all talking about big data, but with the big numbers associated with that market it is really no surprise, is it? IDC is forecasting a 27 percent compound growth rate resulting in $32 billion spent on big data technology and services through 2017. When I think about a market of that size, I immediately think about partnership and collaboration.

Turning massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into useful business insight takes an optimized combination of computing power, managed storage and intelligent analytics. And making that combination into a real-world solution happens best through partnership, interoperability and collaboration.

Here are a few ways SUSE and our partners are collaborating to deliver real-world optimized solutions today.


  • SAP HANA is one of the gold standards for in-memory computing.
  • Today’s HANA systems deliver that stability, flexibility and performance running on a highly optimized SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • A great real-world example is CIR food, which now generates business analysis reports with millions of data points on thousands of customers in seconds. With open source, it saved 70 percent in the process.

Hadoop Partners

  • Hadoop is the most recognizable name in open source big data processing – and partners like Cloudera and Hortonworks are clear leaders.
  • Working with SUSE allows these Hadoop distributions to provide optimized performance and enterprise-grade end-to-end support.
  • For details about setting up, running and tuning Hadoop workloads, read this new whitepaper.


  • For more than a decade, Teradata has been a consistent leader in data analytics on a large scale.
  • Teradata delivers its entire portfolio of solutions exclusively on SUSE Linux Enterprise. Learn more here.
  • Data-intensive businesses around the world, like Netflix, depend on the Teradata/SUSE partnership for complex analysis of millions of customers around the globe.

Big data is about bringing agility and performance to bear on what would previously have been nearly incomprehensible amounts of data and information. Both agility and performance are hallmarks of enterprise Linux and open source technologies, which is why big data leaders are using open source technologies and partnering with open source companies like SUSE to generate the next generation of data management, processing and analytics.

We’re just scratching the surface of what will become possible in the near future, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with our open source communities and our partners to bring that future to our present.


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