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Better data orchestration for the intelligent enterprise – Part 5: A success story with SAP Data Intelligence


This is the final part of this blog series and if you read part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, you know that your intelligent enterprise needs an awesome database (such as SAP HANA); an intelligent, integrated ERP system (such as S/4 HANA) and a data orchestration solution (such as SAP Data Hub/SAP Data Intelligence) to better take advantage of your data.

Now, you may be wondering why Lenovo is bringing you an SAP Data Hub solution and why they chose to partner up with SUSE for the journey. And I’ll let the Lenovo team explain that to you in their own words, on the video below:

Lenovo explains the solution

In summary, Lenovo sees the struggles companies are facing with the explosion of data and how they are struggling to navigate that data without drowning in it. They understand that companies spend too much time gathering and preparing data from multiple sources instead of analyzing and unlocking true value, but they believe smarter technology can solve real world problems, create opportunities and transform the way we live.

SUSE was the selected partner for several reasons, such as a long-standing partnership with Lenovo, our reliable products and, most importantly, trust between our teams.

Both Lenovo and SUSE are long-time SAP partners too and Lenovo runs their SAP solutions internally at SUSE, the market leading OS for SAP HANA solutions.

You can rely on Lenovo to manage the solution implementation, maintenance and ongoing optimization so you can concentrate on making the most of your new big data capabilities. Start turning your data into insight today!

An example of use case? Smart inventory management!

Lenovo’s distribution center in North Carolina is improving their receiving process and streamlining operations (such as adding material handling equipment) to prepare their environment to enable video cameras to pick up the receiving process.

DM (data metrics) codes show all the information on the pallet, so once material arrives, the team gets an advanced ship notice from the vendor. Once the pallet is driven to the docking area, cameras will read the info and start generating the inventory profile on the SAP system.

Lenovo is leveraging the SAP Data Intelligence solution not only because of the cost savings but also because it drives faster recognition of revenue and enables a leaner process to operators. In the future, they’d like to enable HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles) to do some of the functions that trucks and operators do today.

The solution will be used to digitize information to recognize orders and transition inventory faster taking various disparate data sources and putting it all together in a friendlier dashboard.

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Part 5 ends our series on “Better data orchestration for the intelligent enterprise” and we hope you enjoyed the ride.

This blog series was co-written with Jose Betancourt.


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