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Bake and Win


SUSE starts the fabulous Great Chameleon Cookie bake off

SUSE is opening the first season of the Great Chameleon Cookie bake off. Watch out for the green chameleon cookie cutters when you visit the next SUSE event.

The great SUSE Chameleon Cookie bake off is open for everybody and easy to participate:

  1. Grab your chameleon cookie cutter at the next SUSE event
  2. Bake your chameleon cookie
  3. Take a photo and tweet before you eat.


The first season will end Jan 31, 2017, when a panel of chameleon cookie enthusiasts will award the most colourful creative chameleon cookies.

Winners can expect fabulous prizes to be chosen from SUSE’s Green Shop.

chameleon-cookies fom openSUSE party photo: Jo Werner

Photo: Jo Werner, from the openSUSE party


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