SUSE Enterprise Storage is an intelligent software-defined storage solution, powered by Ceph technology that enables you to transform your enterprise storage infrastructure and reduce costs. As the storage ecosystem of software and hardware vendors continues to evolve, it's critical to know which pieces have been tested together, work seamlessly, and are supported. That's why SUSE is partnering with leading storage technology companies to certify our joint solutions, help customers build-out their software-defined storage infrastructure and take full advantage of their investment.

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Lenovo’s hardware portfolio provides the full range of features and functions that are necessary to meet the needs of small businesses all the way up to large enterprises. Lenovo servers combined with open source infrastructure solutions from SUSE provide dependable, secure, high-performance solutions for enterprise computing.

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SUPERMICRO and SUSE work together to deliver an industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable software defined storage solution, powered by Ceph technology. SUSE Enterprise Storage provides unified object, block and file storage designed with unlimited scalability from terabytes to petabytes, with no single points of failure on the data path. SUPERMICRO provides all Flash and Hybrid Disk configurations to deliver low-latency performance and cost optimization.

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The partnership between Cisco and SUSE has been delivering exceptional business value to its mutual customers and end-users for over 20 years. Through innovative and collaborative development, SUSE has helped to accelerate Cisco's data center business solutions by ensuring Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is the platform of choice for organizations making the move to software-defined storage, SAP HANA, OpenStack Cloud, and other open source products and solutions backed by SUSE Linux.

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Working together, only SUSE and Dell gives you affordable unlimited enterprise scalability for your fast growing storage needs; no more segmentation between tiers of storage, no more dividing object vs block–one element storage solution that fits all your data, from structured to unstructured; Offering you maximum ease, automation and control for your complex storage needs.

Dell EMC PowerEdge Server reference architecture for SUSE Enterprise Storage 5

SUSE Enterprise Storage

SUSE Container as a Service Platform

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SUSE Enterprise Storage takes advantage of the performance and reliability of Intel processors and storage technologies to enable IT to transform enterprise storage infrastructure. SUSE Enterprise Storage delivers highly scalable, resilient, and cost- efficient storage clusters of block, object, and file storage that seamlessly adapts to changing business and data demands. An intelligent software-defined storage solution, it creates a self-healing and self-managed distributed storage cluster that easily scales from terabytes to petabytes.

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Together, SUSE and Fujitsu offer organizations innovative, reliable and open solutions that can simplify complex enterprise IT management and reduce IT expenses. Fujitsu offers on-premises, hosted and cloud-based solutions—featuring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage—that enterprise customers can count on for high performance, efficiency and reliability.


The Seagate and SUSE software-defined storage solution enables optimal agility and cost benefits for the private cloud infrastructure by providing a unified platform where structured and unstructured data can coexist and be accessed as file, block, or object, depending on the application’s requirements. The combination of open-source software (Ceph), industry-standard servers, and the latest proven technology innovations in Seagate HDDs and storage systems reduces time-to-market and cost while enabling easy to manage scalability needed to keep up with future demands.

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ProtoSoft AG

ProtoSoft AG is an IT company focusing on IT consulting, software development, managed services and information security. We are always there for our customer with excellent support and independent, knowledgable advice. Our "ProtoBox Storage" appliance offers managed "SUSE Enterprise Storage", is simple to deploy, highly available and provides agility for ever changing storage requirements.

The ProtoBox is a Unified Enterprise Storage Appliance


Thomas-Krenn is a server manufacturer focused on delivering tailor made system solutions for their customers directly, quickly and conveniently. It has established itself in the market as a services oriented server specialist and is proud of the large number of customers throughout Europe. Thomas-Krenn has partnered with SUSE to create an appliance for SUSE Enterprise Storage that allows customers to extract value rapidly from their storage rather than focus on design and deployment.

SUSE Enterprise Storage and Thomas Krenn

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Commvault software is an enterprise-level data platform that contains modules to back up, restore, archive, replicate, and search data. SUSE Enterprise Storage is a supported Cloud Storage Target as defined by Commvault.

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IBM Technology Support Services

IBM Technology Support Services - Support Line for Software Defined Storage helps you launch SUSE Enterprise Storage with confidence by providing prompt, accurate remote software support. Essential support for day-to-day activities through telephone and electronic access to IBM services specialists with comprehensive SUSE / Linux technical support. Answers to product compatibility and interoperability

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Veritas NetBackup is a leading backup and recovery solution for enterprise data centers and hybrid clouds. Veritas NetBackup is certified with SUSE Enterprise Storage over S3.

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Micro Focus

Micro focus Data Protector is certified with SUSE Enterprise Storage allowing Enterprises to simplify and standardize data protection across physical, virtual and cloud environments with an extensive support matrix. Scale to billions of files, devices and media systems.


Veeam is Modern Data Protection that helps customers minimize risks all the while reducing costs and decreasing downtime. SUSE Enterprise Storage is a supported disk archive storage that can be used as a Backup Copy Target

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SUSE, SAP and SEP are committed to meet customer needs providing all the functionality, performance and interoperability required to meet today’s demanding customer environments. Together, they offer world-class solutions at an optimal price to implement, protect, and improve customers’ investments in their IT infrastructure. SUSE, SAP and SEP have now formed a partnership using their industry-leading IT infrastructure and application technologies to provide a complete data protection solution for the SAP HANA environment.

SUSE Enterprise Storage and SEP Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery


The HPE Data Management Framework optimizes data accessibility and storage resources by enabling a hierarchical, tiered storage management architecture. Data is allocated to tiers based on service level and speed requirements defined by the administrator. SUSE Enterprise Storage is supported as a target for Cloud Storage through S3.

Storage Made Easy

Storage Made Easy provide and SUSE Enterprise Storage provides a multi-cloud data management and data protection product solution that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets.

The File Fabric and SUSE Enterprise Storage provides cloud like economics across a company's storage portfolio unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of their data assets, whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance and security concerns such as ransomware attacks. Existing site based storage infrastructures can be transformed into an on-premises private cloud, delivering a storage-as-a-service model to the company. Local storage can be connected to public clouds, expertly managed by the File Fabric and SUSE Enterprise Storage as a unified hybrid cloud storage platform.

Storage Made Easy

PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager is an archival software which maintains a tiered storage architecture and migrates and archives inactive data to suitable secondary storage. Users can implement a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure using storage technologies optimally and optimizing the storage infrastructure. With support for SUSE Enterprise Storage, customers can archive their unused data from primary storage to their private cloud storage thus implementing a true hybrid cloud strategy.

Point Storage and SUSE Enterprise Storage

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SUSE Enterprise Storage solutions provide a single unified software-defined storage cluster that provides applications with unified object, block and file storage designed with unlimited scalability from terabytes to petabytes. iTernity and SUSE partner to provide fully software-defined archive storage architectures that meet regulatory requirements AND the need for cost effective solutions. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is integrated with SUSE Enterprise Storage and enables to use various standard x86 server solutions to build legally compliant archives from terabyte to petabyte scale

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