リリース日 タイトル
2017-11-6 New SUSE Cloud Application Platform Speeds DevOps, IT Transformation
2017-10-25 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Coming to the IBM Cloud
2017-10-17 New Study Shows Cloud Adoption Boom is Fueling the Transformation of IT
2017-10-11 SUSEとファーウェイ、信頼性の新たな標準となるミッションクリティカルサーバの提供で協業
2017-10-10 SUSE、「SUSE CaaS Platform」の最新版を提供開始
2017-10-5 SUSE、エンタープライズ顧客向けの SAP Cloud PlatformのサポートでSAPと協業
2017-10-4 SUSE、SAPソフトウェア上でのワークロードの実行において、ダウンタイムをゼロに近づける新機能を発表
2017-10-3 SUSE、ソフトウェア定義型ストレージの最新版 「SUSE Enterprise Storage 5」を発表
2017-9-12 SUSE to Showcase Open Source Innovations That Are Transforming Businesses at SUSECON 2017 in Prague
2017-7-21 「SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications」が Google Cloud Platformに対応
2017-7-18 SUSE and Supermicro Enter Global Partnership to Provide Solutions for Mission-Critical Workloads, Software-Defined Data Center and Embedded Linux
2017-6-29 富士通とSUSE、高信頼なサポートへのニーズに応えるサポートサービス「SUSE Business Critical Linux」を販売開始
2017-6-29 Fujitsu and SUSE Unveil ‘SUSE Business Critical Linux’ Support Service to Meet Industry Demand for Highly Reliable Support
2017-6-27 SUSE Manager 3.1 Simplifies DevOps and Container Management in a Software-Defined Infrastructure
2017-6-19 SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform Makes Applications Easy to Run, Customers More Agile
2017-5-10 SUSE、ソフトウェア定義型ストレージ(SDS)に関する調査結果を発表
2017-5-10 SUSE Academic Program Opens Door to Open Source for Students Globally
2017-5-8 SUSE Unveils SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring to Simplify and Manage OpenStack Cloud Deployments
2017-4-26 Enterprise IT Pros Say Storage is Changing, with Two-thirds Heading to Software-Defined Storage in Coming Year
2017-4-24 SUSE、アビームコンサルティングの基幹システム基盤に採用
2017-4-3 SUSE、SUSE Linux Enterprise Serverにおいて64ビットARMに対応したHPCモジュールの提供を開始
2017-3-21 Huawei and SUSE Announce SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Support for KunLun RAS 2.0
2017-3-9 SUSE Completes Acquisition of OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS Talent and Technology Assets from HPE
2017-3-1 Study: 70 Percent of Companies Worldwide Increasingly Worried About Cost, Performance and Complexity of Traditional Data Storage
2017-1-19 SUSECON 2017 Global Open Source User Conference Headed to Prague, Czechia
2017-1-6 SUSE and Ericsson Strengthen Cooperation with New Licensing Agreement
2016-12-6 SUSE、HPEのOpenStack IaaSおよびCloud Foundry PaaSの技術と人材資産買収を発表
2016-11-22 SUSE、パートナーソフトウェア認証「SUSE Ready」を拡大、SUSE OpenStack CloudとSUSE Enterprise Storageも対象に
2016-11-21 SUSE、「SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2」を発表
2016-11-17 SUSE、インテリジェントなソフトウェア定義型ストレージ管理ソリューションの最新版「SUSE Enterprise Storage 4」の提供を開始
2016-11-16 Fujitsu and SUSE Expand Strategic Alliance to Develop and Support Open Source Products
2016-11-16 富士通とSUSEオープンソース製品開発・サポートで戦略的に協業
2016-11-15 SUSE、it-novum社のopenATTICストレージ管理資産を買収、ソフトウェア定義型ストレージ市場でのさらなる成長を目指す
2016-11-8 SUSE Honors Customers of the Year for IT Transformation, Business Agility and Business Continuity
2016-11-7 SUSE、画期的なARMソリューションのサポートを強化するSUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARMを発表
2016-11-2 SUSE、「SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7」の提供を開始、ソフトウェア定義型インフラストラクチャで俊敏性とイノベーションを実現
2016-10-26 SUSE、米国ワシントンD.C.で「SUSECON 2016」を開催、オープンソースのソフトウェア定義型インフラストラクチャのイノベーションを紹介
2016-10-25 SUSE Expands Reach of Certified OpenStack Administrator with SUSE Exam Platform
2016-10-5 SUSEとSaltStack、大規模なエンタープライズITの自動化で提携
2016-9-29 SUSE、オープンソース技術における顧客ニーズ対応向上でチャネルパートナー支援を強化
2016-9-27 SUSE、「SAP HANA®, express edition」向けの運用環境を「SUSE Linux Enterprise」において実現
2016-9-7 SUSE Primed for Continued Growth via Micro Focus Merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Software Business Segment and Alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
2016-9-2 LuLu Group、高可用性とコスト削減でSUSEソリューションを採用、ビジネス機会と競争市場への対応を向上
2016-8-24 SUSE、米国ワシントンD.C.でグローバル・カンファレンス「SUSECON 2016」を開催
2016-8-18 SUSEとミランティスが協業し、包括的にEnterprise Linuxをサポート
2016-8-1 SUSE、リセラーによるSUSE製品のホスティングを促進する新しいリセラープログラム「SUSE Reseller Hosting」を発表
2016-7-13 SUSE、「Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance」および「Microsoft Test Drive」プログラムへの参加を発表
2016-7-11 SUSE、Storage Magazine誌の2016年度Storage Awardsでクラウドならびにストレージ部門で最優秀賞受賞
2016-7-6 SUSE、「SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2」のオープンベータ版の提供開始を発表
2016-6-22 SUSE、インテル®とのハイパフォーマンスコンピューティング・スタックにおける連携を発表
2016-6-14 SUSEとHPE、増大する大規模データを高い費用対効果で管理するストレージソリューションを提供開始
2016-6-14 SUSE、ソフトウェア定義型ストレージの最新版「SUSE Enterprise Storage 3」で、データ需要の変化への対応を支援
2016-6-9 SUSE Receives Ericsson Supplier Award 2016 for Software Ecosystem Excellence
2016-5-26 SUSE、「SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching」を発表、 計画的ダウンタイムでのビジネス中断はゼロに
2016-5-26 SUSE、「SUSE Connect」プログラムを発表
2016-5-19 SUSE、「SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications」の提供範囲をAWS Marketplaceに拡大、ビジネスの柔軟性を強化
2016-4-27 SUSE、Linuxサーバ管理ソリューションの最新版「SUSE Manager 3」で、最新鋭のITインフラストラクチャによる効率化と複雑性の軽減を実現
2016-4-7 SUSEの「SUSE Enterprise Storage」と「SUSE OpenStack Cloud」がNetwork Computing誌の「年間最優秀製品賞」を受賞
2016-4-4 SUSEの開発のプラットフォーム「openSUSE Build Service」、Applied Micro社の寄贈により、64ビットARMバイナリ提供可能
2016-4-4 SUSE Expands Executive Leadership, Naming New Chief Technology Officer
2016-3-22 SUSE、Cephベースの「SUSE Enterprise Storage 2.1」の提供を開始
2016-3-10 ノベル、SAP S/4HANAの導入促進に向けてSUSE Linuxトレーニングの無償提供を開始
2016-3-8 SUSE、Libertyベースの「SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6」の提供を開始、プライベートクラウド構築の複雑性を軽減
2016-3-1 SUSE、「SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Application」の最新版を提供開始
2016-2-16 SUSECON 2016 Global Conference Set for Washington, D.C.
2016-2-11 SUSE and it-novum Collaborate to Enhance Storage Management in Ceph
2016-2-8 SUSE Announces Executive Leadership to Drive Ongoing Growth
2016-2-2 SUSE Wins 'Best Software-Defined Solution' for OpenStack Cloud and Ceph Storage Offerings
2016-1-20 New Research Shows OpenStack Adoption Strong, But Complexities Remain
2015-12-22 SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 1 Now Available
2015-12-14 SUSE Wins Cloud IaaS Solution of the Year Award from IT Publisher
2015-12-10 Micro Focus International plc Announcement of Board Changes
2015-12-8 SUSE Embraces Open Source NFV for Software-Defined Data Center Offerings
2015-11-3 SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 First to Bring Ceph-Based Storage to Any OS
2015-11-3 SUSE Honors Westinghouse in Migration to SUSE Linux Enterprise
2015-11-3 SUSE Names 'Always Open' Customers and Partners of the Year
2015-11-3 SUSE Unveils Training Advances to Boost User Effectiveness and Value
2015-11-3 Datalounges Using SUSE OpenStack Cloud to Provide Managed Cloud Services
2015-11-3 SUSE Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation
2015-10-27 SUSE Offers Beta Preview of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6
2015-10-15 SUSE Announces SUSECon 2015 Keynotes and Sponsors
2015-10-13 SUSE and Huawei Cooperate to Introduce New SAP HANA Appliance Solution
2015-10-7 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Now Available on Amazon Web Services
2015-9-2 SUSE Unveils Program for SUSECon 2015 in Amsterdam
2015-8-26 Teradata Extends Commitment to SUSE Linux Enterprise
2015-8-17 SUSE Easing Linux on the Mainframe with KVM for IBM z Systems Support
2015-8-12 SUSE Manager Rises into the Public Cloud via 'Bring Your Own Subscription'
2015-8-4 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP® Applications Now Supports IBM Power Systems Running SAP HANA®
2015-7-16 SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 4 Now Available
2015-7-14 SUSE Launches Partner Program to Bring SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 to 64-bit ARM Processors
2015-6-30 SUSE Takes Two at Storage Awards, Including 'Editor's Choice'
2015-6-22 SUSE Elevates Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
2015-6-2 SUSE Rules the Stack Yet Again at OpenStack Summit
2015-5-20 SUSE Receives Data Center Industry Award from IT Publisher
2015-4-29 SUSE Eases Linux Migrations for Customers as Part of 'Simpler Choice' Database Program from SAP
2015-4-29 SUSE Introduces SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for SAP Applications
2015-4-15 SUSE Enhances Its High Availability Capabilities for SAP HANA
2015-4-6 SUSE is now part of Micro Focus
2015-3-31 SUSE Delivers Geographic Clustering Technology to Enhance Broadview's OfficeSuite Phone
2015-3-24 SUSE Enterprise Storage Named 'Product of the Year' by Network Computing
2015-3-19 SUSE、「SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5」を発表、シンプルなプライベートクラウド管理が可能に
2015-3-17 SUSE and Veristorm Bring Hadoop Solutions to IBM z and Power Systems
2015-3-4 SUSE、Cephベースの「SUSE Enterprise Storage」を提供開始
2015-2-17 SUSE Enterprise Storage, Powered by Ceph, Now Available
2015-2-10 SUSECon 2015 Global Conference Slated for Amsterdam
2015-1-22 SUSE Kicks Off 23-City Linux Expert Days Tour in North America
2014-12-10 SUSE、「SAP スタートアップ・フォーカス」プログラムを支援、 SAP HANA環境での革新的なアプリケーション開発で新興企業をサポート
2014-12-9 SUSE、パブリッククラウドへの「BYOS」オプションを発表
2014-12-9 SUSE Reduces Capital Expenditures for Servers by 80 Percent
2014-12-4 SUSE、「SUSE Storage」のベータ・プレビュー版を発表
2014-11-20 Micro Focus International、Attachmate Groupとの合併完了を発表
2014-11-18 Global Enterprise Customers Succeed with SUSE Solutions
2014-11-18 SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Now Available
2014-11-13 SUSE、「AWS Test Drive」プログラムの対応製品を発表
2014-11-13 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server、ハイパフォーマンスコンピューティング(HPC)向けに8,192コアへ対応
2014-11-13 ノベル、「SUSE Linux Enterprise 12」を発表
2014-10-27 SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Now Available
2014-10-21 日立のサーバ論理分割機構Virtage搭載のBladeSymphonyが、 SUSE Linux Enterprise Serverの稼働環境としてSUSE YES認定を取得
2014-10-17 SUSE to Host Hackweek 11
2014-10-14 SUSEとMariaDB、IBM POWER8環境でLinuxのエコシステムを拡大
2014-9-30 SUSE、「SUSECon 2014」を開催、 エンタープライズLinux、クラウド、ストレージの技術進化をハイライト
2014-9-24 SUSE、ダウンタイムに関する調査結果を発表 ゼロダウンタイム達成への意識と、対策のギャップが浮き彫りに
2014-9-17 The Attachmate Group、Micro Focus社との合併に合意
2014-9-4 仏総合石油エネルギー企業Total社の ハイパフォーマンスコンピューティングに、 SGIとSUSE Linux Enterprise Serverを活用
2014-8-21 ノベル、分散ストレージ技術Cephに対応した「SUSE Cloud 4」を提供開始
2014-7-31 SUSECon 2014 - Call for Papers and Attendee Registration Open
2014-7-25 openSUSE® Project評議会の議長にリチャード・ブラウンが就任
2014-7-8 Pick n Pay Improves Control and Monitoring of IT Systems with SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service
2014-7-1 SUSEと仏UShareSoft、SUSE Cloudをベースとした、 初のハイブリッドクラウド型ソリューションを発表
2014-6-23 SUSE、サーバ管理ソリューションの最新版、「SUSE Manager2.1」を発表、 よりシンプルで効果的なライフサイクル管理を実現
2014-6-11 SUSE Achieves Record-Setting Benchmark
2014-6-5 SUSE、高可用性機能のSAP HANA®対応を実現
2014-6-3 SUSE Extends Its High Availability Capabilities to SAP HANA®
2014-5-28 SUSE Studio Passes Half a Million Users, 2.4 Million Builds
2014-5-19 SUSE、プライベートクラウドソリューション「SUSE Cloud」にOpenStackディストリビューション初の高可用性機能を提供
2014-4-22 SUSE Taps Bowman to Lead North America Sales Organization
2014-4-16 SUSE、メインフレームLinuxのインストール作業を簡素化
2014-4-8 SUSE Linux Enterprise ServerがGoogle Compute Engineで提供開始
2014-4-1 SUSE、LinuxカーネルのライブパッチツールkGraftをリリース
2014-3-31 SUSE Offers Special Enterprise Linux Training for Administrators of SAP Applications
2014-3-13 German Federal Employment Agency Saves Money and Energy with Open Server Architecture and SUSE
2014-3-3 SUSE Linux Enterprise 12のベータ版が提供開始
2014-2-25 ノベル、OpenStack HavanaをベースとしたSUSE Cloud 3を発表
2014-2-5 IDC Analyst Q&A Highlights Effects of Linux Systems Management Software on Security, Compliance and Risk
2014-1-31 SUSE Develops kGraft for Live Patching of Linux Kernel
2014-1-30 SAP Business Oneに特化したSUSEのチャネルプログラムに400社以上が参加
2014-1-21 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the First Enterprise Linux in AWS GovCloud (US)
2014-1-21 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the First Enterprise Linux in AWS GovCloud (US)
2013-12-12 SUSE Garners Industry Recognition in Cloud and Enterprise Linux Markets
2013-11-21 New SUSE Partner Software Catalog Highlights ISV Offerings
2013-11-19 Newest openSUSE Features Stability, Cloud and ARM Technologies
2013-11-13 SUSE Linux Enterprise the Platform of Choice for Many Top Retailers
2013-11-12 SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Simplifies Server Administration
2013-11-12 SUSE SolidDriver Program Ensures Linux Kernel Driver Compatibility
2013-10-31 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Now in AWS Free Usage Tier
2013-10-22 New SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Available
2013-10-16 SUSECon 2013 Set for Nov. 12-15 in Orlando
2013-9-27 SUSE to Host Hack Week 10
2013-9-24 SUSE Cloud 2.0 Now Available to Deploy and Manage Private Clouds
2013-9-24 SUSE Support for Microsoft Hyper-V Expands Options for Mixed Hypervisor Clouds in Enterprise Data Centers
2013-9-11 SUSE Linux Enterprise Certified and Supported on Forward! by Unisys
2013-9-3 SUSE Partners with Collabora to Deliver Commercial LibreOffice Support
2013-8-27 SUSE Extends Partnership with VMware in the Cloud
2013-8-13 New Study Shows Linux Firmly Entrenched in the Enterprise
2013-7-30 SUSE Predicts Supercomputer Capabilities to Become Part of Mainstream IT for Enterprise Customers
2013-7-23 Beta of SUSE Cloud 2.0 Launches
2013-7-8 SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 3 Released
2013-6-18 Calzedonia Improves Competitiveness with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
2013-6-12 SUSE and WSO2 Deliver Enterprise PaaS Using OpenStack-based SUSE Cloud
2013-6-4 SUSECon 2013 Call for Papers Commences
2013-5-14 SUSE Helps Italian Catering Group CIR Food Cut Costs and Improve Competitiveness
2013-4-17 SUSE Adds New Channel Program for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA
2013-4-16 SUSE Collaborates with Dell to Deliver Enterprise Cloud Deployments
2013-4-16 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Basic and Priority Support Now Offered on Windows Azure
2013-4-11 SUSE Helps Customers Deliver Cloud-based Services Faster and Easier
2013-3-28 SUSE is Platform of Choice for Big Data Innovators
2013-3-25 SUSE Hack Week 9 Begins April 8
2013-3-5 SUSE Receives Common Criteria Security Certifications
2013-2-20 Descon Engineering Limited Maintains Global Lead with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
2012-12-13 SUSE Joins Dell Emerging Solutions Ecosystem
2012-11-29 SUSE Announces Location and Dates for SUSECon 2013
2012-11-27 Inktank Partners with SUSE to Deliver Enterprise-class Support for Ceph Storage in SUSE Cloud
2012-10-30 SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension Achieves SAP-Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver
2012-9-21 Longtime SUSE and Teradata Partnership Thrives as Big Data Changes World of Business Analytics
2012-9-21 openSUSE Project Announces Appointment of Vincent Untz as openSUSE Board Chair
2012-9-19 SUSE’s Alan Clark Elected Chairman of OpenStack Foundation Board
2012-9-19 SUSE Manager Update Streamlines Linux Management
2012-8-29 SUSE Releases First OpenStack-Based Enterprise Private Cloud Solution
2012-8-27 SUSE Executives to Keynote Linux Foundation Conferences
2012-8-15 SUSE Announces Cloud Partnerships with Mirantis and B1 Systems
2012-7-31 SUSE is Most Widely Available Enterprise Linux Vendor in the Cloud
2012-7-30 SUSECon Agenda Announced
2012-7-20 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Powers Europe’s Fastest Supercomputer
2012-6-20 bullx supercomputer suite now supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2012-6-19 SUSE Releases Update to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
2012-6-7 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Now Available on Windows Azure
2012-5-31 SUSE Hosts 'Linux Days 2012' Seminar Series
2012-5-2 SHI International Selects SUSE Linux Enterprise as its Linux-based option on SHI Cloud
2012-4-25 SUSE Leads With Most Certified Applications Across Linux Vendors
2012-4-5 SUSE Showcases 20 Years of Commercializing Open Source Software
2012-3-29 SUSE Releases Update to SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service
2012-2-28 SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2 Released
2012-2-16 SUSE Studio Helps Thousands Easily Deploy Workloads into Private and Public Clouds: SUSE Unveils Latest SUSE Studio User Data
2012-2-7 SUSE Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2012
2012-1-24 Dell OEM Solutions Makes Available SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Customers
2012-1-17 SUSE Announces First Annual Enterprise Linux Conference
2012-1-11 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Now Available on Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service
2011-11-16 openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 12.1
2011-11-9 SUSE Strengthens Its Position as a Preferred Linux Platform for Customers Running SAP Applications
2011-10-26 SUSE Debuts OpenStack-Powered Cloud Infrastructure Solution
2011-9-14 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Selected for Use with SAP HANA
2011-9-1 openSUSE Project to Host International Open Source Developers and Users at openSUSE Conference 2011
2011-8-9 SUSE Helps Customers Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
2011-7-25 Microsoft and SUSE Renew Successful Interoperability Agreement
2011-7-20 SUSE Launches Next Generation of Award-Winning SUSE Studio
2011-7-18 SUSE and Xamarin Partner to Accelerate Innovation and Support Mono Customers and Community
2011-5-18 SUSE Announces Executive Leadership Team with Dedicated Focus on Driving Growth and Innovation in the Linux Marketplace
2011-4-25 Walgreens Improves Server Uptime by More than 50 Percent and Saves Millions in IT Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2011-4-12 Novell Offers Industry's Longest Enterprise Linux Support Program
2011-4-6 Novell First to Enable Development of .NET Applications for Android using Microsoft Visual Studio
2011-3-10 openSUSE 11.4 Now Available with First Stable Release of LibreOffice
2011-3-3 Novell Rolls Out Advanced Linux Systems Management Solution
2011-2-28 Novell and IBM Deliver DB2 Software for SUSE Gallery and SUSE Studio Customers
2011-2-22 Novell Introduces Linux Platform Optimized for Use With All SAP Applications
2011-2-16 Alan Clark Elected Gold Level Director of the Linux Foundation Board of Directors
2011-2-14 Novell Delivers Linux Server System to London Stock Exchange
2011-2-8 Novell Makes it Easier to Run Business-Critical Linux Workloads on HP ProLiant and BladeSystem Servers
2011-1-24 Dell Joins SUSE Appliance Program from Novell
2011-1-21 Report: ISVs generate average ROI of 566 percent with SUSE Appliance Program from Novell
2011-1-19 Novell's Linux Support Continues to Lead the Industry
2011-1-18 Novell Solutions Power Asia's Largest Sports Event
2010-12-15 NEC and Novell Deliver High-Availability Solution Optimized for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2010-12-15 Novell Announces Winners of First Annual 'Dister' Awards
2010-12-14 openSUSE Project Announces Appointment of Alan Clark as openSUSE Board Chair
2010-12-9 Novell to Announce Winners of First Annual "Dister" Awards
2010-11-8 One of the World's Largest Racing Organizations Standardizes on SUSE Linux Enterprise
2010-9-29 SUSE Appliance Toolkit from Novell Makes it Easy to Build and Deliver Applications to the Cloud
2010-9-21 Novell and SAP Collaborate to Optimize Customers' SUSE Linux-Based SAP® Application Deployments
2010-9-1 VMware and Novell Deliver SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware®
2010-8-12 Novell Now Offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 & 11 on Amazon Web Services
2010-7-29 Novell Announces Availability of Mono Tools for Visual Studio 2.0
2010-7-28 Novell Announces Appointment of Jos Poortvliet as openSUSE Community Manager
2010-7-27 Novell Releases SUSE Gallery for Publishing and Sharing Linux-based Appliances
2010-7-15 openSUSE Project Releases openSUSE 11.3
2010-6-24 SUSE Studio from Novell Wins 2010 American Business Award for Best New Product or Service - Computer Hardware or Services
2010-6-22 Leading Industry Analysts Outline Potential Benefits of VMware-Novell Strategic Partnership
2010-6-21 Independent Studies Quantify ROI and Detail Benefits of Microsoft-Novell Interoperability Solutions
2010-6-9 VMware and Novell Expand Strategic Partnership to Deliver and Support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware vSphere Environments
2010-6-8 Novell Announces Sun Migration Program
2010-6-8 Fujitsu and Novell Deliver Agility in the Cloud
2010-6-7 Novell Celebrates 10 Years of Market Leadership with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM System z
2010-6-1 Novell Announces Support for MeeGo
2010-6-1 Microsoft and Novell Collaborate to Deliver Hybrid Options for High-Performance Computing
2010-5-19 Novell Announces SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 1
2010-4-27 Novell Reaches 5,000 Certified ISV Applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise
2010-4-21 Novell Collaborates with IBM to Deliver Software Appliances across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments
2010-4-7 Novell Releases MonoTouch 2.0; Enables Development of Apple iPad Applications Using Microsoft .NET Languages
2010-3-30 Utah Jury Confirms Novell Has Ownership of UNIX Copyrights
2010-3-17 Novell Expands SUSE Appliance Program with Ingres
2010-2-18 Citrix and Novell Partner to Extend Customer Choice for Enterprise-Class Virtualization and Cloud Computing
2010-2-9 Novell and Linux Professional Institute Partner on Linux Training and Certification
2010-1-26 Novell Delivers First Integrated Toolkit for Building, Testing and Managing Software Appliances
2010-1-7 MSI Ships First Netbook Powered by SUSE Moblin from Novell
2009-12-17 New Release of Moonlight Now Available
2009-11-12 openSUSE Project Releases Major Update
2009-11-10 Novell Delivers First Commercial Solution to Build .NET Applications for Linux with Microsoft Visual Studio
2009-11-9 IT Executives Cite Business Continuity, Risk Management and Interoperability Advantages of Microsoft-Novell Collaboration
2009-10-20 Novell Announces Availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack 3
2009-9-29 Burton Reduces Server Costs Over 80 Percent by Migrating from UNIX to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2009-9-14 Novell Releases First Solution to Build iPhone Applications Using C# and Microsoft .NET Languages
2009-9-10 Novell Open Source Luminaries to Speak at LinuxCon
2009-8-25 SUSE Appliance Program Embraced by ISVs and Developers
2009-8-17 Moonlight 2 Beta Now Available
2009-8-5 National Vision Chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell to Ensure Business Growth and Meet Customer Needs
2009-7-28 Novell Announces Industry’s First Solution for Creating and Deploying Fully Supported Software Appliances
2009-6-2 Novell to Demo Moblin-based Operating System on Acer and MSI Devices at Computex
2009-4-30 Twenty-four Google Summer of Code Student Projects to Create Code for Go OpenOffice, Mono and openSUSE
2009-4-9 Novell Unveils Service-Driven Data Center Vision
2009-4-3 iFolder Project Releases Latest Source Code and Packages for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
2009-3-30 Mono Project Continues to Advance .NET Development on Linux
2009-3-24 Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
2009-3-16 IT Organizations Turn to Linux in Economic Downturn
2009-3-10 Novell CEO to Keynote InfoWorld's Open Source Business Conference
2009-2-24 Novell Announces Broad Collaboration with VMware to Build SUSE Linux Enterprise Appliances on VMware ESX
2009-2-11 Moonlight Shines on the Linux Desktop
2009-2-2 Dell Offers Enterprise Linux Operating System from Novell to Address Growing Market for Thin Clients
2009-1-14 Nationally Ranked Home Builder Significantly Enhances Web Server Performance with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2008-12-18 Advancements to openSUSE Linux Distribution Improves User Experience and Eases Community Contributions
2008-12-15 Novell Announces Executive Appointments to Focus on Cross-Platform Solution Strategy and Growing Linux Business
2008-12-9 Novell Sets New Performance Records with SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time
2008-12-2 Moonlight 1.0 BETA Makes Linux Users First Class Citizens for Digital Media
2008-12-1 Sherwin-Williams Standardizes its Retail Stores on SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell
2008-11-24 Novell Takes Lead in Certified ISV Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise
2008-11-11 Novell Announces New Program to Aid Transition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2008-11-10 Teradata and Novell Accelerate Adoption of SUSE Linux Enterprise for Data Warehousing
2008-9-15 Novell Announces Broad Support for VMware Ready Virtual Appliances
2008-9-10 Microsoft and Novell Deliver Joint Virtualization Solution Through Partners
2008-8-20 Microsoft and Novell Expand Successful Interoperability Relationship
2008-8-5 SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Now Certified and Supported on IBM Hardware and Middleware
2008-7-21 Novell Demonstrates Innovative Solutions and Presents on the Latest Open Source Trends at OSCON 2008
2008-7-1 Invitrogen Standardizes on SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell
2008-6-19 openSUSE Project Announces Availability of openSUSE 11.0
2008-6-18 Novell Extends Desktop Linux Leadership Through Pre-Load Agreement With Micro-Star International
2008-6-16 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell Meets U.S. Department of Defense Internet Protocol Standards
2008-6-11 Customers, Partners Run Top Supercomputers on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing
2008-6-10 Novell Joins Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program
2008-5-21 Novell Delivers SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Enhancements in Service Pack 2
2008-5-13 openSUSE Joins Google Summer of Code
2008-4-29 Novell to Expand Linux Management Solutions
2008-4-21 Microsoft and Novell Extend Reach of Interoperability Collaboration to China
2008-4-14 Novell Reduces Cost of Ownership for Linux on IBM System z
2008-3-18 Sesame Workshop Welcomes Novell to the Neighborhood
2008-3-17 Novell and SAP Deepen Relationship to Enable Customers of All Sizes to Run, Manage and Secure Mission-Critical Operations on Linux
2008-3-17 Novell Announces Development Plans for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
2008-3-12 MonoDevelop Development Environment Available
2008-2-26 Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service for Retailers
2008-1-30 Microsoft and Novell Provide Renault with Interoperability
2008-1-30 Novell Makes it Easier to Start with Linux on IBM's System z Mainframe
2008-1-24 The openSUSE Build Service Expands Support to Red Hat and CentOS
2011-7-27 Novell Open Enterprise Server Provides Advanced Services on Customers' Choice of Platforms
2004-11-11 Novell Announces first LSB 2.0 Certification for Linux
2004-11-8 Novell Ships Desktop Linux for the Enterprise
2004-10-27 Dell And Novell Expand Partnership To Provide Customers Certified Suse Linux Platforms And Services
2004-10-12 Novell Supports Innovation, Competition in Open Source with Patent Policy
2004-10-8 Novell Open Enterprise Server to Include the Latest Upgrade of SUSE Linux
2004-10-6 Novell Releases Latest All-In-One Linux Product for Newcomers and Technical Enthusiasts
2004-9-13 Novell And Software AG Announce Partnership To Accelerate Adoption On Linux In Xml Database Market
2004-9-13 Novell Appoints Scali To Power High-Performance Computing Centre Of Excellence
2004-9-13 Novell And Intershop Announce Strategic Partnership To Provide Platform For Europe's Leading Online Retailers To Realise Linux Cost Savings And Efficiences
2004-9-13 Novell and IBM Expand Cooperation on Linux with Leading Business Partners
2004-9-13 Bull Joins Novell Technology Partner Programme In Oem Agreement
2004-9-13 Novell Drives New Government Focus with Identity Management and Open Source Offerings
2004-9-13 Novell And Tarantella Sign Oem Agreement To Enable Secure Remote Access Software Appliance
2004-9-13 Novell and Top Partners Establish Porting and Migration Network to Promote Linux Adoption
2004-9-13 Novell Delivers Comprehensive Software Management for SUSE Linux
2004-9-13 Novell Highlights Enterprise Infrastructure, Identity-Driven Solutions at BrainShare Europe 2004
2004-9-7 Novell Promotes Linux Adoption Through China Linux Standards Group
2004-8-23 Novell ZENworks 6.5 Provides Reliable Identity-Based Systems Management Across Multiple Platforms
2004-8-4 Novell Honored with Three LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards
2004-8-3 Novell Enhances Partner Certification Programs to Promote Linux Offerings
2004-8-3 Novell and JBoss Expand Partnership to Accelerate the Adoption of Open Source in the Enterprise
2004-8-3 Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Marks Major Step Forward in Enterprise Linux
2004-8-3 Novell Ships Powerful SOA Suite with Complete Linux Support
2004-8-3 Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and IBM DB2 Universal Database 8.1 Set TPC-C Price-Performance Benchmark World Record on HP Hardware
2004-6-30 Novell Announces Availability of Mono 1.0
2004-6-16 Novell Expands Commitment to Open Source Standards with IPsec Initiatives
2004-6-15 City of Bergen turns to Novell solution for one of the largest Linux migrations in Europe
2004-5-21 Thousands of New Partners Join Novell in Linux Push
2004-5-12 Novell Delivers Comprehensive Linux Technical Support
2004-5-11 Novell Announces Evolution 2.0 and Release of Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server Under Open Source License
2004-3-24 HP and Novell Expand Relationship to Offer Linux From Desktop to Datacenter
2004-3-23 Novell Announces Expanded Commercial Agreement With IBM
2004-3-22 Novell Launches Open Source Systems Management Project
2004-3-22 Ahead of Schedule, Novell Builds Bridge Between SUSE Linux and NetWare
2004-3-19 Novell Ships GroupWise for Linux, Bringing World-Class Collaboration to the Linux Enterprise
2004-3-19 Novell to Enhance Partner Program, Add SUSE Linux Partners
2004-3-18 Novell Releases First Commercial Linux Featuring 2.6 Kernel
2004-3-4 Novell Appoints Amnon Harman as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for EMEA
2004-3-1 SUSE Drives Business Education
2004-2-2 Novell Launches New Certifications to Promote Linux Adoption
2004-2-2 SUSE R&D Vice President Markus Rex Named General Manager of Novell's SUSE Linux Business Unit
2004-1-23 Novell exteNd 5 Takes Home LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award
2004-1-21 Global Linux Leaders Choose BEA WebLogic JRockit to Deliver Superior Price and Performance
2004-1-21 Egenera Inc. Announces Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8
2004-1-21 IBM and SUSE Linux achieve a higher level of Linux security certification across all IBM eServer systems
2004-1-20 SUSE Linux and Dell Offer Global Collaborative Support
2004-1-13 Novell Completes Acquisition of SUSE Linux
2004-1-13 Novell Supports Enterprise Linux Customers with New Linux Indemnification Program
2004-1-8 IBM Announces New SUSE Linux-based Retail Offering for Point of Sale
2011-7-22 Evangelical Church selects SUSE Linux: Church migrates 200 offices to SUSE Openexchange from Microsoft Exchange
2003-12-5 SUSE Linux and IBM Launch Software Integration Center to Deliver Best-of-Breed Enterprise Solution Stacks
2003-12-4 McDonald's, Apollo-Optik Sign on to SUSE Linux
2003-11-25 SUSE Linux Releases Latest Linux Technology for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8
2003-11-20 SUSE Linux Opens the Door to Gaming, Windows Applications, on the Consumer Linux Desktop
2003-11-20 Turner Farms and SUSE Linux: Sowing the Seeds of Linux
2003-11-18 Tarantella Now Supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Broadening Its Linux Offering for the Enterprise
2003-11-18 Gateway Launches Enterprise Linux Offering through Strategic Alliance with SUSE Linux
2003-11-12 SUSE Linux Launches New Education Program
2003-11-4 Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading Enterprise Linux Technology Company SUSE Linux
2003-10-31 SUSE Linux and Epcom announce Linux Training Partnership
2003-10-28 SUSE Linux Joins ObjectWeb
2003-10-27 VERITAS and SUSE Linux Team to Accelerate Open Source Adoption in Enterprise Data Centers
2003-10-22 SUSE Linux Releases Latest All-In-One Linux Communications Tool
2003-10-7 Sun and SUSE Extend Global Alliance to the Desktop
2003-10-7 SUSE Linux Targets Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with New Standard Edition of Server Family
2003-9-30 SUSE Linux Releases Latest Advances in Linux Technology
2003-9-30 SUSE Linux Unveils New Advertising Campaign, Corporate Design and Logo
2003-9-8 SUSE Linux, Sistina Software Partner to Ensure Enterprise Application Support for Linux
2003-8-25 SGI, SUSE Announce OEM Alliance, Development Agreement
2003-8-19 Siemens Business Services Selects SUSE Linux to Drive Payroll Accounting and HR Management Systems
2003-8-19 SUSE Linux Donates Software to Allentown, Pennsylvania Schoolchildren
2003-8-11 iAnywhere Solutions and SUSE Linux AG Unveil Technology Alliance
2003-8-5 IBM and SUSE Linux Earn First Security Certification of Linux
2003-8-5 Novell and SUSE Provide Enterprise Linux Support Services through Cooperative Support Agreement
2003-8-1 Sun and SUSE Linux Enter Into Global Alliance
2003-8-1 SUSE Linux Appoints Amnon Harman as Chief Operating Officer
2003-7-30 IBM plans to deliver world's most powerful Linux supercomputer running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2003-7-24 SUSE Teams with SAP To Offer a New Generation of Enterprise-Ready Linux Services
2003-7-16 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Tops Oracle Application Standard Benchmark For Single System on Intel-based Server
2003-7-15 Microtel to bundle SUSE Linux for Walmart.com
2003-7-7 SUSE Linux Powers High-Performance Storage System for European Space Lab Project
2003-6-26 HP and SUSE Linux Expand Global Alliance
2003-6-24 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Selected by Cray Inc. for the Department of Energy's New "Red Storm" Supercomputer
2003-6-11 Kölner Bank Combines Oracle/DB2 Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2003-6-9 SUSE Linux announces First Linux Desktop for Enterprises
2003-5-12 Fujitsu Siemens packages SUSE Linux with PRIMERGY Servers
2003-4-29 SUSE Linux Announces First-Ever Standard Linux Platform to Help Businesses Create Advanced Voice, Data and Wireless Applications
2003-4-29 ARKEIA announces Certification for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2003-4-24 SUSE Linux Names Key Technology, Marketing and Alliance Executives
2003-4-22 UnitedLinux Version 1.0 Supports AMD Opteron(tm) Processor-Based Systems
2003-4-22 SUSE Linux First to Market with Enterprise-Ready Operating System for the AMD Opteron(tm) Processor
2003-4-1 UnitedLinux Partners Offer Discounts, Benefits to Oracle Unbreakable Linux Partner Initiative ISV Program Participants
2003-3-26 SUSE Linux Ships its First Server Product for Intel® Itanium® 2 Processors
2003-3-20 Pharmaceutical Schaper & Brümmer Consolidates Servers and Applications with SUSE Linux SUSE Linux partners with GIS to reduce servers, improve efficiencies
2003-3-13 Oracle Extends Unbreakable Linux to Include UnitedLinux
2003-3-12 SUSE Linux Intensifies Partner Focus with New Comprehensive Partner Program, Dedicated Channel Organization
2003-3-12 SUSE Linux Introduces New Linux Version for Home Users
2003-3-3 Ximian and SUSE partner to lower the cost of Linux deployment, management and integration
2003-2-28 Oracle9i Database and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Now Available on UnitedLinux 1.0
2003-2-20 UTS Global Certifies Mainframe Tools for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2003-2-19 SUSE Linux Extends Server Maintenance to Five Years
2003-2-19 Trifork Joins SUSE Linux Technology Partner Program
2003-2-13 German Investment Bank Replaces Unix with SUSE Linux
2003-1-29 European datacenter chooses Linux on the mainframe
2003-1-23 Eberspaecher chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM Mainframe for Enterprise Applications
2003-1-22 UnitedLinux Launches Software Developers Program; Joins With LPI to Create Certifications Program
2003-1-22 Linux Professional Institute and UnitedLinux Join Forces To Create New UnitedLinux Professional Certification Program
2003-1-22 UnitedLinux Adds HP as Technology Partner
2003-1-21 SUSE Linux Brings Microsoft Office to the Linux Desktop
2003-1-16 UnitedLinux to Deliver Enhanced Linux Platform for Telecommunications Carriers
2003-1-14 UnitedLinux Signs IBM and AMD as First Technology Partners
2011-7-22 SUSE Updates The Linux Enterprise Server 7 With The Latest Linux Technology
2002-12-17 German City Goes Entirely Linux
2002-11-25 SUSE Linux Names Richard Seibt as New CEO
2002-11-20 SUSE Linux and Arrow Electronics Announce Distribution Agreement
2002-11-19 The First 10 Years - SUSE Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
2002-11-19 UnitedLinux Releases Version 1.0
2002-11-19 SUSE Linux Unveils the Next Generation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2002-11-18 Sybase and SUSE Linux AG forge technology alliance
2002-11-15 ShaoLin Microsystems and SUSE Announce Strategic Technology Partnership
2002-11-6 Digigram Releases Drivers Under Open Source Licensing
2002-11-5 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Validated for Running the Latest Version of IBM DB2 Database Software
2002-10-31 Benchmark Shows HP ProLiant Servers Running Linux-Based Sendmail Email Solutions Outperforms Multiple Sun Solaris Platforms
2002-10-30 UnitedLinux Counts Over 15,000 Downloads of Beta in First Month
2002-10-29 SUSE Linux Develops Linux Desktops for Enterprises
2002-10-17 Turbolinux® Inc. and SUSE Linux form Strategic Alliance to deliver Enterprise Server Linux for IBM® eServers Product Line
2002-10-16 SUSE Linux Openexchange Server - The Ultimate Challenger on the Server Market
2002-9-30 F-Prot Antivirus(TM) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - a Stable, Secure Combination
2002-9-30 SUSE Linux and SAP Announce Global Technology Partnership
2002-9-18 UnitedLinux Names Paula Hunter General Manager; Will Offer Open Beta Release on Sept. 23
2002-9-17 New SUSE Linux 8.1 Available on October 7th
2002-8-14 UnitedLinux Announces Partner and Developer Participation Program
2002-8-14 UnitedLinux Announces Beta Release
2002-8-13 PolyServe And SUSE Partner To Deliver Enterprise Linux Solutions
2002-8-5 MTU Aero Engines Utilizes Linux Cluster for Engine Development
2002-7-31 Telia Connect selects SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Mainframe
2002-7-22 SUSE Linux eMail Server 3.1 with Latest Linux Technologies Available now
2002-7-8 SUSE Linux Groupware Server Now The Most Powerful Lotus Solution For IntelAnd AMD 32-bit Processors
2002-7-4 Expanded System Functionality for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries
2002-7-3 Opera in first boxed Linux desktop distribution deal: SUSE to Distribute Opera
2002-7-1 SUSE Linux Joins TSANet Support Platform
2002-6-25 SUSE Linux Completes Certification of Oracle9i and Oracle® E-Business Suite
2002-6-10 SUSE Linux Pro-Office CD with StarOffice 6 Available June 24th
2002-6-6 Mainline Information Systems forms Strategic Alliance with SuSE® To deliver Linux® Solutions for IBM® eServers
2002-6-3 Cooperation Agreement with IBM for the Use of Open Source Products: German Minister of the Interior Schily Prepares Public Administration for Linux
2002-5-30 Caldera, Conectiva, SUSE Turbolinux Partner To Create UnitedLinux, And Produce A Uniform Version Of Linux For Business
2002-5-28 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Hyperthreading support for Intel's Xeon(tm) processors
2002-4-22 Sun's Grid Engine 5.3 Software Available in New Release of SUSE Linux 8.0 Professional Edition
2002-4-3 New Management Team Members at SUSE Linux
2002-3-27 IBM and SUSE Team To Offer a New Generation of Enterprise Ready Linux Services
2002-3-20 SUSE Linux to support AMD's x86-64 technology
2002-3-13 SUSE Linux 8.0 available on April 22nd
2002-3-13 mySAP.com on Linux for IBM eServer zSeries generally available May 31st
2002-2-28 AMD Announces SUSE Linux Support for Next-Generation Processors
2002-2-15 SUSE Linux Deploys mySAP.com on Compaq Hardware
2002-2-14 AdAstra Invests EURO 4.4 Million in SUSE Linux
2002-2-13 SUSE Linux 7.3 For SPARC Architecture Compliments Sun Microsystems ExtensiveSupport Of Linux
2002-2-2 Novell appoints new Chairman and President in EMEA
2002-1-31 Linux made Enterprise Ready: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries
2002-1-29 IBM and SUSE Cooperation Demonstrates Sophisticated Integration of Enterprise Ready Linux Systems
2002-1-28 SUSE Linux Showcases Well-known Linux Experts At Linux World Expo, New York
2002-1-17 SUSE Linux AG Welcomes New CTO
2001-12-20 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for Itanium Processors Ready for World's Demanding Business Environments
2001-11-28 SUSE Names Gerhard Burtscher as Chief Executive Officer
2001-11-26 SUSE Linux 7.3 Now Available for Sun Microsystems SPARC
2001-11-21 SUSE Linux Firewall Now Also For "Virtual Private Networks"
2001-11-19 SUSE Linux 7.3 Now Available for PowerPC
2001-11-12 "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 For S/390" Ready for IBM eServer zSeries
2001-11-7 SUSE Linux Implements SmartClient Architecture at Debeka
2001-10-30 SUSE Linux Announces Distribution Agreement For IBM Software on Linux
2001-10-29 SUSE Linux Connectivity Server Easily Integrates Windows and Macintosh Clients
2001-10-22 SUSE Linux Enterprise 7 is faster than Microsoft Server 2000, Fastcenter Corp. Benchmarks released
2001-10-17 SUSE Linux and QLogic Advance Enterprise Storage Solutions for Linux
2001-10-15 SUSE Linux Presents New eMail Server III
2001-10-12 SUSE Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7- With Support from Compaq, Oracle and SAP
2001-10-4 D. H. Brown: SUSE Linux is closing in on Unix
2001-10-2 SUSE Linux 7.3 available on October 22nd
2001-10-2 SUSE Linux Firewall on CD Intercepts Nimda Worm!
2001-10-1 SUSE Linux AG Successfully Closes Financing Round - Consolidation Continues
2001-9-20 Fastcenter Corp. releases managed service for Oracle on SUSE Linux
2001-9-9 "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IA-32" certified for mySAP.com
2001-9-5 SUSE Linux and BMC Software Partner to Deliver Advanced ManagementCapabilities for Linux Customers
2001-8-29 SUSE Linux Presents Enhanced Database Solution for Enterprise Applications
2001-8-29 SUSE Powers Complete Line Linux-Works Systems
2001-8-24 SUSE Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 - Platform for Professional Linux Deployment
2001-8-21 LinuxWorld Expo: SUSE Linux To Showcase its Spearheading Linux Development Programs
2001-8-15 The SUSE Linux Knowledge Portal Gains Independence!
2001-8-15 SUSE ships SUSE Linux Firewall on CD
2001-8-7 SUSE Ships "SUSE Linux Developer Edition" for IBM eServer iSeries
2001-8-6 Behind the Box: SUSE Linux Revolutionizes Volume Management Software
2001-7-20 SUSE Names Johannes Nussbickel As Chief Executive Officer
2001-7-18 SUSE Linux 7.2 for the IA-64 Ships on July 18th,2001
2001-6-28 SUSE Linux Presents Firewall Solution for Company Networks
2001-6-28 SUSE Linux Provides Certified Platform for mySAP.com
2001-6-26 ASL First To Ship PCs With Pre-installed SUSE Linux Throughout The US
2001-6-15 SUSE ships SUSE Linux 7.2 for Intel/AMD Systems.
2001-6-15 SUSE Linux 7.1 for the Alpha Server ships on June 15,2001
2001-6-15 SUSE Linux Validated For Oracle9i Database
2001-6-5 Aduva Introduces Systems Management Solutions for SUSE Linux
2001-5-5 SUSE Delivers Linux 2.4 Support for Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM Drive
2001-5-3 Banco Mercantil Moves to Linux on IBM Mainframe
2001-4-23 SUSE Sales Top March Charts after shipping SUSE 7.1
2001-4-23 Japanese Edition of SUSE Linux 7.1 Meets Growing Market Demands
2001-4-12 SUSE Linux 7.1 for Sun Microsystems' Sparc Architecture Now Available
2001-4-12 Free SUSE Linux for US High Schools
2001-4-5 SUSE Portal Tops 1 Million Page Impressions in March
2001-3-29 SUSE Releases SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
2001-3-29 SUSE Releases SUSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition
2001-3-12 Reinforcement of the SUSE Linux Supervisory Board
2001-3-6 Linux Continues To Gain Ground as a Server Operating System
2001-3-1 Linuxplanet.com: "SUSE's created a Windows-Killer"
2001-2-27 KDE 2.1 Released!
2001-2-26 SUSE adds new Director of Sales North America
2001-2-8 SUSE realigns its US business
2001-2-7 SUSE Linux Knowledge Portal Debuts February 7, 2001
2001-1-31 Borland Certifies SUSE for New Kylix Development Environment
2001-1-31 AMD Showcases First "Virtuhammer" Simulator At Linuxworld
2001-1-31 Zelerate and SUSE Announce International Bundling Agreement
2001-1-29 SUSE Linux Showcases Well-known Linux Experts at LinuxWorld Expo
2001-1-22 SUSE Linux and Lotus Team Up in Developing Professional Groupware Solution
2001-1-12 SUSE Delivers 2nd Generation eMail Server II For Professional E-mail Communication
2001-1-10 SUSE Press and Hungry Minds Present SUSE Linux Server Book
2001-1-10 Tamino Xml Database Now Available on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390 Database for Mainframes
2016-5-3 SUSE 7.0 Professional Edition Optimized for Oracle8i ™ Contains High-Availability and Memory Management features
2001-11-15 SUSE Linux 7.0 Voted Best Server Solution
2000-12-4 SGI and SUSE Linux Announce Strategic Alliance
2000-11-21 SUSE Linux Announces Distribution Agreement With Intelliware To Provide Professional Services For Linux for S/390
2000-11-15 SUSE Offers KDE 2.0 Update Package
2000-11-13 SUSE Linux 7.0 PowerPC Edition Now Available
2000-11-1 SUSE Linux AG and IBM Announce Professional GroupWare Solution
2000-11-1 SUSE and IBM Announce Database Solution for Enterprise Applications
2000-10-31 SUSE Linux S/390 Released
2000-10-30 AMD Releases Technology Simulator To Allow Developers To Test And Perfect 64-Bit Code
2000-10-25 SUSE Linux Offers KDE2 Download
2000-10-23 SUSE Linux and M-Code Announce Partnership
2000-10-19 SUSE Linux 7.0 Rated the Most Standard-Compliant Linux Distribution
2000-10-17 Europe's Leading Linux Distributor signs Joint Venture to form SUSE
2000-10-10 SUSE Offers Full Support for IBM eServers
2000-9-14 SUSE Announces Linux Version for Sun Microsystems SPARC Processor
2000-8-23 SUSE Linux Provides Free Access To Compilefarm For Intel Itanium
2000-8-16 IBM To Bundle SUSE Linux 7.0 With Netfinity Servers
2000-8-15 SGI And SUSE Linux Combine Efforts To Empower Linux With High-Availability Functionality
2000-8-15 SUSE Driving Linux Port to AMD x86-64 architecture
2000-8-10 LinuxWorld Expo: SUSE to Demonstrate Enterprise Solutions with Partners
2000-8-9 Oracle Forges Partnership with SUSE to Drive Adoption of Oracle Software for Linux
2000-7-31 SUSE Announces Availability of Version 7.0
2000-7-25 SUSE Services Partners with Dynalink, Tier 1 ISP and Telecom Provider
2000-7-19 SUSE Linux Partners with Lutris Technologies to Further The Effectiveness Of Linux In The Enterprise
2000-7-13 How Do You Say Service In Linux?
2000-6-20 SUSE Expands International Presence with New Office in Latin America
2000-6-14 SUSE Linux - First to Bring Enterprise Level Linux to the Apple PowerPC, IBM RS 6000 and Motorola PreP
2000-6-12 SUSE Delivers Enterprise Linux for IBM RS/6000
2000-6-9 SUSE Linux to Support Polyserve Understudy 1.3 High-availability Server
2000-5-31 SUSE and DALCO have installed Europe's largest Beowulf cluster
2000-1-31 SUSE Linux 7.0 Released for Alpha CPUs



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