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Your employees will love SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. So will your sysadmins.

This is a user-friendly Linux desktop you will clamor to use. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers a seamless desktop experience through an award-winning graphical user interface, integrated search and accessibility capabilities, and powerful 3D graphical effects. Get the Linux desktop, available in a host of languages, that gives you a dramatically new way to be productive.

Intuitive graphical user interface
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop was developed using a "Design First" methodology. Thanks to this design approach and customer feedback, you get a user-friendly Linux desktop that has an intuitive menu design and beautiful fonts, delivers a seamless experience, and is so easy to use.

Desktop interface

Desktop Interface

Calendar integration

Calendar Integration

Integrated search
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop features an integrated search engine built right into the desktop. Integrated search does real-time indexing throughout your entire desktop to deliver easy and fast access to all your content. It makes it easy to find nearly anything you stored on your desktop. Look for documents, emails, IM chats, web pages, images, videos and even "information within information" such as text within a document. With this user-friendly search, you no longer need to worry about where and when you stored your work. A simple keyword search is all you need to get the latest information at your fingertips.

3D graphical effects
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop features high-end graphics capabilities to help you achieve new levels of desktop productivity. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, you gain effects such as:

  • Application tiling, which provides a one-click snapshot of all open applications
  • Alt-tabbing, which includes multi-dimensional thumbnail views of open applications

Switching between applications

Switching between applications

View of all open applications

View of all open applications

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides a wide range of tools that make it easier for users with disabilities to access the desktop. The Orca screen reader gives you the ability to use Braille input and output devices, magnify the screen or use predefined key settings to interact with your desktop. Organizations that have requirements to meet assistive technology standards such those in US Federal Section 508 of the Disabilities Act can easily do so with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

SUSE's goal is to make SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop available to as many people as possible, so we continue to strongly invest in desktop localization efforts. To date, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is available in many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, Brazilian-Portuguese, Polish, Catalan, Arabic, Hungarian, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Hebrew and more.