Novell Releases MonoTouch 2.0; Enables Development of Apple iPad Applications Using Microsoft .NET Languages

April 7, 2010


Novell today announced support for Apple iPad application development with the availability of MonoTouch 2.0. MonoTouch is the industry's first solution for developing applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch using the Microsoft .NET framework, including C# and other .NET programming languages. Since its debut in September 2009, more than 16,000 developers have downloaded MonoTouch to write new iPhone and iPod Touch applications.

"With MonoTouch 2.0, Novell now supports the development of iPad applications, in addition to our current support for iPhone and iPod Touch," said Miguel de Icaza, Mono project leader and vice president of Developer Platforms at Novell. "Our MonoTouch software development kit allows developers on the popular Microsoft .NET platform to take advantage of iPad's larger screen and many new features. MonoTouch makes iPad development more accessible to .NET developers worldwide, and will help to significantly increase the size of the iPad ecosystem."

MonoTouch simplifies iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch development by allowing developers to utilize code and libraries written for .NET. While the iPad developer license restricts the distribution of scripting engines or Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers required by managed runtimes such as .NET for code execution, developers can use MonoTouch while fully complying with Apple license terms because MonoTouch delivers only native code.

MonoTouch from Novell is a software development kit that contains the necessary compilers, libraries and tools for integrating with Apple's iPad software development kit. Microsoft .NET base class libraries are included, along with managed libraries, a cross-compiler and Xcode integration to enable device testing and shipment of applications to the Apple App Store. MonoTouch 2.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Support for building iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and universal iPad/iPhone applications
  • Complete C# support for all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch application programming interfaces
  • Significant updates over MonoTouch 1.0 releases, including debugging on simulator, debugging on device over WiFi, profiling support with Apple Instruments and Apple Shark, smaller executables and improved startup performance.

Pricing and availability
MonoTouch Personal and Enterprise Editions are available now through MonoTouch Enterprise Edition is available for US $999 per developer for a one-year subscription, which includes maintenance and updates. A five-developer Enterprise license supports five concurrent developers and is available for US $3,999 per year. For individuals only building applications for the Apple App Store, MonoTouch Personal Edition is available for $399 per developer for a one-year subscription. Current MonoTouch 1.0 users will receive version 2.0 at no additional cost through normal update channels. For more information about MonoTouch visit